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Or: Freyr , the Norse god of crops, fertility, peace, and prosperity, the brother of Freya .

See Also: Freya,

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frenulum breve
frenulum laborium
frenulum linguae
frenulum of the labia
frenulum of the penis
frenulum of the tongue
frenulum preputii
frenum (of the penis)
frenum of the clitoris
frenzy house
frequent flyer
fresh and sweet
fresh axe wound in a bears back
fresh bit
fresh meat
fresh nugs
fresh stock
fret the fiddle-strings
Freudian slip
 Friar Tuck
 fried eggs
 friend has come
 Friend of Dorothy
 friendly with
 friends to stay
 frig off
 frig oneself
 frigging the love muscle

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