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Big Fucking Deal / BFD:

Said of something that, on the contrary, is no big deal at all, nothing to fuss or worry about.
QUOTE: Julia (Geena Davis) and Candy (Julie Brown) in Earth Girls Are Easy (1989): - Julia: 'Ted is coming home tonight and there's a UFO in my pool. A UFO!?' - Candy: 'BFD!' Bigsix Defined by Paul Dickson: 'For years publishers and broadcasters have spoken of "the big six" to refer collectively to the words piss, fart, shit, fuck, cock, and cunt. Why not shout "Bigsix" as collective verbat shorthand for the full half dozen? Or call someone "a bigsixing s.o.b.".' Paul Dickson. Words: a connoisseur's collection of old and new, weird and wonderful, useful and outlandish words (1982)
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