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Make love and war: fuck your enemy:

A rewording of the anti-war slogan attributed to Gershon Legman: Make love, not war. Legman's catchphrase has been rephrased many times since its coinage in 1963, usually by substituting either of the keywords: love / war and/or by adding a tag line. - Make (this or that), not (this or that): - Make money, not war. Or: Make love, not money. - Make Greek-love , not war. - Make tea, not love (Something Completely Different) - Make love not war. People probably flunked both. - Make love not war. Get married, do both. - Make love or fight. Get married and do both. Or: I'm married, I do both. - Make love, not war. Hell, do both: get married (all's fair in-love and war). - Make love, not war (and) see me for details. - Make love, not war. But be prepared for both. - The pro birth-control people turned it into a slogan: Make love, not babies. - 'Their signs said Make Love, Not War, but it didn't look like they could do either.' Ronald Reagan - 'They are in-love . Fuck the war.' Thomas. R. Pynchon, Jr in Gravity's Rainbow.
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