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Who do I have to fuck to (fill in the blank)?:

Or: Who do I have to screw to...? The angry plea of a desperate person.
QUOTE-1: 'Who do you have to fuck to get a drink around here?' Emory (Cliff Gorman) in The Boys in the Band (1970).
QUOTE-2: 'Who do I have to fuck to get a cream soda in this joint?' Jane (Calista Flockhart) in Pictures of Baby Jane-Doe (1996).
QUOTE-3: 'Who do I have to fuck to get-off this boat?' Ellen L. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in Alien: Resurrection (1997). QUOTE-4: In Mr. Saturday Night (1992) Buddy Young, Jr. (Billy Crystal) is desperate for a vodka: - Buddy: 'Sidney, who do you have to screw to get a vodka in here?' - Sidney, the Waiter: 'Me.' - Buddy: 'Make it a Ginger Ale.' QUOTE-5: Stephen Sondheim to Larry Kent during the rehearsal of a musical in 1984: - Larry: 'Who do I have to fuck to get out of this show?' - Stephen: 'Same person you fucked to get in.'

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