Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word

Male Genital:

Synonyms: MALE GENITALIA, CIRCUMCISED PENIS = (CP), ERECT PENIS = (EP), FLACCID OR IMPOTENT PENIS = (FP), FORESKIN = (F), GENITALS = (G), GLANS PENIS = (GP), LARGE PENIS OR MALE WITH A LAGE PENIS = (LP), PENIS = (P), PUBIC HAIR = (PH), SCROTUM = (S), TESTICLES = (T), UNCIRCUMCISED PENIS = (UP), URETHRAL MEATUS = (UM), 3-4-2-5, 4-11-44, a-bit-of-stiff, Aaron's-rod, abominable-pants-worm, Abraham, accordion, accoutrements, ace, ace-poker, acorn, acorns, acucullus, adamantine-organon, Adams-arsenal, Adam's-dagger, Adam's-whip, affair, agate, all-beef-sausage, all-forlorn, allsbay, almond, almond-rock, almond-rock-candy, amblyopic-organ, angle, animated-ivory, anteater, apparatus, apparatus-urogenitalis, appendage, appropriate-member, apricots, arbor-vitae, arm, arm-of-love, armored-division, arrow, arse-opener, arse-worm, arse-wedge, arser, artillerie-de-Cupidon, artillerie-de-Venus, ass-opener, ass-wedge, auger, auxiliaries, baby, baby-beef, baby-grinder, baby-maker, baby-makers (T), babys-arm, baby's forarm (P/LP), Bacchus-march, back-wheels, bacon, bacon-bazooka, badger, bag, bag-filler, bag-of-fruits, bag-of-tricks, bagadga, baggage, baggette, bagpipes, bags, bald-eagle, bald-headed candidate (P/CP/GP), bald-headed hermit (P/CP/GP), bald-headed mouse (P/CP/GP), bald-headed rat (P/CP/GP), bald-man, ball-bag, ball-sack, Balkans (T), Ballarat, ball-bag, ball-basket, ball-sack, ballock-bag, ballocks, balls, balls-and-bat, baloney, baloney-pony, bamboo-stick, banana, banana-skin, band-member, banger, bangers, bangles, banjo-string, bannocks, bar, bar-on, barge-pole, basket, basketful-of-meat, bat, bat-and-balls, baton, batter, battering-piece, battering-ram, battlefat, bauble, baubles, bawbles, bayonet, baz, bazooka, bazooka-shooter, BD-drill, beak, bean, bean-pods, bean-pole, bean-shooter, bean-tosser, beard-splitter, beating-tool, beaver-cleaver, beaver-lever, bed-flute, Beecham's-pills, beef, beef-bayo-with-extra-mayo, beef-bayonet, beef-jerky, beef-stick, beef-whistle, beer can (P/L), bell, bell-end-(of-the-penis), bell-rope, bell-swagged, belly-bristles, belly-ruffian, belly-thicket, belly-whiskers (PH), belongings, below-the-navel, belt-buster, bent-dick, bent-stick, berries, best-friend, best-leg-of-three, best part (of a male/man) (P), Bethlehem-Steel, bicho, big-bamboo, big-Ben, big-bird, big-bite, big-brother, big-daddy, big-dipper, big fella (P), Big-Foot-Joe, big-head, big-hunk-of-meat, Big-Jim-and-the-twins, big-one, big-piece-of-meat, big-red, big-wand, bilbo, billiards, billy, billy-and-doo, billy-club, bingey  (P), biological-reaction, biological-response, bird, bird's-eggs, bishop, bishop's-miter, bit-of-beef, bit-of-hard, bit-of-stiff, biteful, bits, black-limo, black-pencil, black-snake, blackjack, blade, blanket-stiff, blind, blind as a boiled turnip (UP), Blind-Bob, blind-buckler, blind meat (UP), blind-piece, blinds, blood-breaker, blow-pop, blow-stick, blowtorch, bludgeon, blue-steeler, blue-thimble, blue-vein, blue-veined-custard-chucker, blue-veined junket pump(er) (P), blue-veined hooligan (P), blue-veined-piccolo, blue-veined-steak, blue-veined-throbber, blue-veined-trumpet, blue-veiner, blunt-end, bobblers (T), bobbles, bobby-dangler (P), bobbys-anorak, bobby's-helmet, bobstay, bobtail, bodkin, body's-captain, bogga, bomhead (GP), bonbons, bone, bone-in-the-leg, bone-on, bone-phone, bone-up, boneless-appendage-(of-the-male), boneless-fish, boneless-stiff, boner, boneroni, bonfire, bonk-on, booboos, boss-and-his-two-helpers, botuliform-genital-pendant-of-the-male, bow, bowsprit, boy, boy-toy, bozack, branch, brat-getter, broom-handle, bristle-up, broomstick, Brown-Joe, bruiser, brush, bubbly-jack, bubbly-jock, bubus (T), bucking-bronco, Buckinger's-boot, buddy, buffing-stick, bug-fucker, bugle, bulge, bullets, bullish, bulp, bum-balls, bum-tickler, bun-puncher, bun-spreader, bung, burrito, bush, bush-beater, bush-whacker, business, buster, butcher, butt-basher, butt-smasher, butterfinger, button-buster, button-mushroom, button-short, buttonhole-worker, BVH, cafe-curtains, camel-complaint, Canadian bacon (UP), canary, candle, candy, candy-cane, candy-stick, cannon, captain, Captain-Hard, Captain-Hightop-the-Love-Commander, Captain-Hogseye, Captain-One-Eye, Captain-Picard, Captain-Standish, carnal-member, carnal-part, carnal-parts, carnal-stump, carrot, carry-a-big-stick, cartes, carts, cartso, cartzo, catso, catzo (P), Casey, cavalier (UP), cavity-probe, change purse (UP), chanticleer, charger, Charles-the-Bald, charleys, charlies, chaud, cheesy-bell-end, cheesy bunnet (P), cheesy-wheelbarrow, cherry-birch, cherry-picker, cherry-splitter, chestnuts, chicken-mc-nuggets, chicken neck (UP), chibi, child-getter, chimney-stopper, chingus, chink-stopper, choad, chode, choker, chones, chooza, chopped-cock, chopper, Chris-Hardwick, Christ-and-two-apostles, Christmas crakers (T), christener, chub, chubby, chuckies, chull, chum, chunky-monkey, chutney-ferret, cinnamon-stick, clappers, clava, cleat, clipped-dick, club, cluster, cobbs, cobs, cobblers, cobbler's-awls, cobbler's-stall, cobra, cock, cock-of-death, cock-on, cock-stand, cockaroony, cocked, cocked-gun, cockhead, cockknuckle (cock knuckle) (GP), cockles, cockoroony, cockroach, cockstand (EP), cocktus-erectus, cocky, coconuts, cod, codpiece, cods, coffee-stalls, cojones, cold-meat, cold-pig, Colleen-Bawn, come-factories, command-module, Compass-of-the-Netherland, concern, concrete-donkey, conkers, cookies, coolies, copper-stick, coral-branch, corker, corn-beef-cudgel, corpuscle, Corsican, cory, coupler, coupling-bat, crab-ladder, crack a fat (EP), crack-hunter, crackerjacks, cracking-tool, cracksman, crank, crankshaft, cranny-hunter, cream-crackers, cream-stick, credentials, cremorne, crimson-chitterling, crimson-crowbar, crook, crotch, crotch-cartilage, crotch-cobra, crotch-rocket, crowbar, crowd-pleaser, crown jewels (G/T), crumpet-trumpet, cuckoo, cucumber, cullions, culls, culty-gun, cum-factories, cum-slinger, cunny-catcher, cunt-stabber, cunt-stand, cunt-sticker, cunt-stirrer, cunt-stretcher (EP), Cupid's-torch, curls, curlies, curly-hairs, curtains, custard-chucker, cut-out-to-be-a-gentleman, cut-out-to-be-a-man, cutlass, cuts, Cyclops, daddy-longdick, daddy-bag, daddy-mack, dagger, damsons, dang, dangers (G/T), dangle, dangle-dong, dangler, danglers, dangling participle(s) (P/G), dart-(of-love), dawn-horn, dead-lizard, dead-meat, dead-rabbit, dead-soldier, dead-stick, dead-worm, deadwood, dear-morsel, dearest-member, delight-of-women, derrick, devil, diamond-cutter, diamonds, dibble, dick, dick-butkiss, dick-tator, dick-up, dick-wheat, dickery-dock, Dickie (Dicky; Dickey) (P), Dickie-and-the-boys, dickory dock (P), dicky, diddly-whacker, digitis-erectus, dill, dilly-whacker, dimple-dick, ding, ding-a-ling, ding-dangs, ding-dong, ding-dongs, dingbat, dingbats (G), dinghy, dingle, dingle-dangle (P/FP), dingo, dingus, dingy, dink, dinosaur, dipstick, dirk, divining-rod, do-dads, do-funny, do-hickies, do-jigger, do-johnny, dobber, Doctor-Cocker, Doctor-Johnson, dodads, dofunny (P), dog, dohickey, dohickie, dohickeys, dohickies, dohinger, dojigger, dojiggers, dojohnnie, dolly, dolphin (FL), donaker, dong, dong-and-gongs, donger, donkey (LP), donkey-dick, donkey-dicked, donkey-rigged, donkified, donniker, donut-holder, doodad, doodads, doodle (P/FP), doodle-flap (P/FP), doohicky, doover, doowhackey, dopper, dork, down-below, down-led (P), down-there, drain-pipe, draped, drapes, dribble-cock, driving-post, drooper, drooping-member, dropping-member, droopy, drumstick, ducky-bird, dummy, dust-cover-for-the-cunt, dusters, dydus, eager-pleaser, eel, eggs-(in-the-basket), eggwhite-cannon, ejac-vac, eleventh-finger, Elmer-Pudd, end, enemy, engine, engine-of-love, English-sentry, enob, equipment, erected-spermapositor, erectile-urogenital-appendage, erectio-penis, erectivation, Eric-Shun, essentials, everlasting-gobstopper, extra-digit, extra-skin, eye-dropper, eye-hole, eye-opener, eye of the Bishop (UM), fags-toothbrush, faggots-toothbrush, family-jewels, family-organ, fancy-work, fanny-ferret, Fat-Frank, fat-one, fat-peter, father-of-all, ferret, fiddle-bow, fiddlestick (fiddle-stick) (P), fiddling-stick, figs, finger-puppet, firm-worm, first-leg-of-three, fish-stick, fixed-bayonet, flack, flag, flagpole, flap-doodle (flapdoodle) (P/FP), flapper (P/FP), flesh-pencil, flip-flap, flounder, flowers-and-frolics, flute, foaming-beef-probe, fool-sticker, foot-long, forbidden-zone, foreman, fornicating-engine, fornicating-member, fornicating-tool, fornicator, fountain-pen, Fred, frick, frick and frack (T), frigamajig, front-porch, fruit-for-the-monkey, fuck-meat, fuck-muscle, fuck-pole, fuck-rod, fuck-stick, fucker, fucking-stick, fucking-tool, fuckstick (P), fud-packer, fun-and-frolics, fun-bone, fun-stick, fun-zone, funk-stick (P), funmaker, gadget, gadgets, gadso, gap-stopper, gardener, gargantuan-organum-virile, gator, gaying-instrument, gear (P/G), gear-and-tool, gearbox, gearstick, gearstick-d'amour, General-smuts, generating-tool, generation-tool, generative-organ, genital-coupler, genital-forefoot, genital-pound-of-flesh, genital-reamer, genital-staff, genital-shaft, genital-tentacle, genitalia, gentle-fist, gentle-tittler, gentleman, gentleman's-appendage, German-helmet, get-a-stand, gherkin, gifted, giggle-stick, giggling-pin, gingambobs (G/T), girl-catcher, girlometer, glands, globes, glory-pole, glow-rod, glow-stick, gnarled-root-of-love, goat, goatees, goatskin, gobstopper, Gods-revenge-on-a-woman, golden-rivet, gonads (T), gones, goober, good-foot, good parts (G), good time (prison use) (P), goolies, gooseberries, goose's-neck, gooser, goot, gooter, gorilla-salad, goy-toy, grand-bag, gravy-giver, gravy-maker, grew-proud-below-the-navel, grinding-tool, gristle, gristle-stick, groceries, groin, guided-missile, gully-raker, gun, gut-stick (gutstick) (P), hacker, hair-divider, hair-splitter, hairless-wonder, hairy-banana, hairy-conkers, hairy-saddlebags, hairy-sausage, half a cob (P/FP), ham-and-two-eggs, ham-howitzer, hambone, Hamilton-Wick, hammer, Hampton-Wick, hand made (LP), hand reared (LP), hand-staff (handstaff) (P), handle, hang-down, Hanging-Johnny, hangers, happy-sack, hard (EP), hard-bit, hard-head, hard-on, hard-salami, hard-up, hardened-spermapositor, Hardhat-Harry, hardware, harpoon, hat-rack, have a bone (EP), have-a-bone-on, have-a-boner, have-a-hard-on, have-a-horn, have a rod-on (EP), having-it-on, he-thing, heat-in-the-meat, heat-seeking-missile, heat seeking moisture missile (P), heirlooms, helmet, helmet-pelmet, Henry-Halls, Herman-the-One-eyed-German, hermit, hickey, hidden-treasure, hidden-tumor, higgumbobs, His-Majesty-in-purple-cap, hissing-Sid, ho-handle, hock, hodge-dog, hoe-handle, hog, hogger, hole-puncher, holiday-money, holy-poker, holy-pole, honker, honorable-prick, hopping-bug, horn, the (EP), horn-colic, hornification, horse's-handbrake, horsemeat (LP), hose, hot-dog, hot-member, hot-rod, hotchee, huevos (T), hugen, human-enema, humpmobile, hung, hung-like-a-bull, hung-like-a-dinosaur, hung-like-a-horse, hung-like-a-rabbit, hung-like-a-stallion, hunk-of-meat, husbandman-of-nature, ice-cream-machine, ID, idol, in-full-fig, in-full-orchestra, in-one's-Sunday-best, in-one's-Sunday-clothes, inch, inch-instrument, instrument, instrumentum-erectum, interstitial-glands, intimate-bits, intimate-parts, intromittent-organ, Irish-horse, Irish-rise, Irish-root, Irish-toothache, Irish-toothpick, it, Jack, Jack-in-the-box (P/EP), Jack in a box (P/EP), jackalope, jakey, jackhammer, Jackson-Pollocks, jacktool, jammy, jang, jap's-eye, jawbreaker, jenny, jean-tent, jelly bag (jellybag) (S), jellyroll, Jenny-Tull, jerking-iron, Jews-lance, jewel-box, jewelry, jewelry showcase. (G), jewels, Jewish-compliment, Jewish-corned-beef, Jewish-national, Jewish nightcap (UP), jezebel, jig-jag, jig-jigger, jigger, jigging-bone, jiggle-bone, jiggling-bone, jiggumbobs, Jim-Dog, Jimbo, jimbrowsky, jimmy, jing-jang, jingleberries, jizzbags, jizz-jemmy, jock, jockum, John-Tom, John-Thomas, John-Thursday, John-Willie, Johnny Come lately (P), Johnny Rollicks (T), Johnny-Rollocks, johnson, joint, Jolly-Red-Giant, jolly-member, jolly-roger, jolly-stick, joy-prong, joy-stick, joyknob, joystick, Julius-Caesar, jumbucks, jungle-meat, jungleberries, junior, kanakas, kaks, kazoo, kelks, Ken-Dodds, key, key-to-heaven, kickapoo, kidney-wiper, kielbasa, King King Dong (P/EP), king-member, king's-iron, kit, knackers, knacks, knick-knacks, knitting-needle, knob, knob-ache, knob-sack, knobster, knocker, knockers, kosher-dill, kosher-meat, kosher-pickle, knot, lace, lace-curtains, lad,-the, ladies'-delight, ladies'-lollipop, ladies'-plaything, ladies'-treasure, lady-ware (lady-ware) (G), lame-duck, lamp-of-life, lance-in-rest, lance-of-love, langer, lanoola, large cock (LP), Lazarus, lead-in-your-pencil, leather-cigar, leather-dresser, leather-stretcher, lever, libido-bandido, licorice-stick, life-preserver, lift-up, limp-dick, limp-prick, limbless-erast, lingam, lipstick, lithoid-phallus, little-acorns, little-brother, Little-Buddy, Little-Buddys-buddies, Little Dick(ie) (P), little-dipper, Little-Elvis, little-engine, little-finger, little-friend, little-head, little-man, Little-Peter, little-pinkie, little-sliver-of-flesh, Little-Willy, liver-turner, live-wire, lizard, load, loaded-gun, lob, lob cock (P/FP), lob prick (P/FP), log, loins, lollypop (lollipop) (P), long-dong, Long-Dong-Silver, long-pole, long-pork, long-trade, longfellow, longhorn, lop-cock, louisville-slugger, love-apples, love-bone, love-dart, love-gun, love-handle, love-length, love-machine, love-meat, love-muscle, love-nuts, love-pump, love-rod, love-sausage, love-scepter, love-spuds, love-stick, love-tool, love-torpedo, love-trumpet, love-truncheon, love-wand, loves-battering-ram, loves-dribbling-dart, loves-engine, love pick-lock (P), loves-sensitive-truncheon, low-hangers, low-neck, lower-male-proboscis, luggage, lunchbox, lung-disturber, lust-bone, lust-shaft, lust-sword, machine-(of-love), machinery,-nuts-and-bolts, Mad-Mick, maggot, magic-wand, magnum, main-vein, Majesty-in-Purple-Cap,-His, Major-Woody, male-begetting-organ, male-cleaver, male-genital-appendage, male genital cleaver (P), male-genital-club, male-genital-dispenser, male-genital-probe, male genital organ (P), male-genital-teat, male-gladiolus, male-interfemoral-infidel, male-intruder, male-knout, male-member, male-membrum-erectum, male monolith (P/E), male netherland(s) (P/G), male-organ, male-organ-of-generation, male-organ-of-reproduction, male-organs-of-generation, male-organs-of-reproduction, male-organon, male-pendant, male-poker, male-pouch, male-pound-of-flesh, male-pudendal-trifler, male-pudendum, male-reproductive-organs, male-satisfier, male-sex(ual)-organ, male-sexual-organon, male-sinker, male-urogenitial-horn, maleness, mallet, man, man-meat, man-mountain, man-root, man-steel, man's-best-leg-of-three, man's privaties (G), man's-third-leg, manbone, manhood, manliness, manmeat, marabon-stork, maritudinal-erection, marble-halls, marbles, Marquess of Lorne (EP), Marquis de Lorne (EP), Marquis-of-Lorne, marriage-gear, marrons, marrow-bone, marshmallows, masculine-part, master-member, master-of-ceremonies, master-tool, masterpiece, material-part, mating-meat, mating-tool, matrimonial peacemaker (P), Max-Walls, maypole, means-of-generation, meat, meat-and-(two)-potatoes, meat-and-two-veg, meat-and-two-vegetables, meat-axe, meat-case, meat-cleaver, meat-dagger, meat-flute, meat-for-the-butcher, meat for the famished and the starving (LP), meat-for-the-poor, meat for the needy (LP), meat for the poor (the needy, the famished and the starving) (LP), meat-puppet, meat-seeking-pissile, meat-whistle, meatus-longus, meaty-bites, meggs, member, Member-for-Cockshire, membrum-virile, membrum-virile-erectum, membrum-virile-flaccidum, mentula, merrymaker, Mickey, middle-finger, middle-leg, middle-stump, mighty-meat, milk-bone, milkman, millimeter-peter, missile, missile-of-Venus-launched, Mister-Happy, Mister-Fuzzy, Mister-Poky, Mister-Softy, Mister-Wiggly, modigger, moisture-missile, mole, mommy-daddy-button, monkey, morning-hard-on, morning-pride, morning-wood, most precious part(s) (P/G), mouse, moving-parts, Mr.-Big, Mr.-Bluevein, Mr.-Friendly, Mr.-Priapus, Mr.-Wong, muff-missile, muscle-(of-love), mushroom-tip, mutinous-rogue, mutton, mutton bayonet (P), mutton-dagger, mutton-gun, mutton-musket, my-body's-captain, Nebuchadnezzar, nackers, nadgers, nad-bag, nad-sack, nads, nags, nameless-thing, nards, nasty-bits, natural-member, natural-parts, natural-places, naturals, nature's-scythe, naughty-bits, naughty-toy, nearsighted, necessaries, needle, needle-dick, nervous-cane, nether-parts, nether-proboscis, nether-regions, Niagara-Falls, night-stick, nightcrawler, nimrod, nick-nacks, nine-iron, nippy, nob, nobby-halls, noodle, nothin-cock, nubbin, nudger, nuggets, nutmegs, nutrageous, nuts, nuts-and-bolts, nutty-buddy, oak-tree, oblisk (P), okra-and-prunes, Old-Adam, old-baldy, old-blind-Bob, Old-Damocles, old-faceful, Old-Faithful, Old-Faithless, old-goat-peter, Old-Hornington, Old-Horny, old-one-eye, Old-Slimy, old-warty-cod, Omar-the-tentmaker, on-the-bonk, on-the-honk, on-the-stand, one-eye(d), one-eyed-Bob, one-eyed-brother, one-eyed-demon, one-eyed-monk, one-eyed-monster, one-eyed-pants-mouse, one-eyed-snake, one-eyed-trouser-snake, one eyed whale (P), one-eyed-wonder, one-eyed-wonder-worm, one-eyed-worm, one-eyed-zipper-snake, one's-person, onion-skin, orbs, orchestra-stalls, orchids, organ, organ-of-reproduction, organs-of-generation, organum-virile, organum-virile-durum, organum-virile-erectum, ornaments, oscar, Oscar-Meyer, P-maker, package, packs-a-ton,-he, packs-a-wallop,-he, pan-handle, pantilever, pants-philistine, pants-python, pants-worm, parts-below, passion-pole, Pat-and-Mick, pax-wax, peacemaker, pebbles, pecker, pecker-wood, pecnoster, peculator-pecker, peculiar member(s) (P/T), Pedro, pee-dee, peenie, peep, pee-pee (peepee) (P), peepee-hole, peeper, peewee (P), peezel, peg, pego, pen, penal-dick, pencil, pencil-and-tassel, pencil-dick, pendulum (P/FP), penicillus, penie, penile-erection, penis-glans, penis-immensus, penis-in-erectus, peppermint-stick, perch, Percy, pestle, pet-snake, peter, phallating-club, phallating-stick, phallic-decorum, phallic-erection, phallic-pendant, phallic cleraver (P), phallic-pencil, phallic-prod, phallic-quencher, phallic-scratcher, phallus, phallus-adamantus, phallus-erectus, phallus-induratus, phallus-rigidus, piccolo, pickle, picklock, picnic-lunch, piddler, piece-of-meat, pike, pikestaff, piledriver (P), pilgrims-staff, pillcock, pillicock, pillock, pills, pichita-de-oro, pimple-prick, pin, pinga, pink-bus, pink cadillac (P), pink-oboe, pink-torpedo, pinkler, pintle, pioneer-of-nature, pipe (outside) (P), piss-fat, piss-handle, piss-hard, piss-hard-on, piss-pipe, piss-proud, pisser, pissworm, pistol, piston, piston-rod, pitch-a-tent, pitching-a-tent-in-one's-shorts, pixie-stick, pizzle, pizzler, placket-racket, plaything, plonker, plug, plug-tail, plums, plunger, P-maker, pocket-fisherman, pogo-stick, point, pointer, poker, pole, Polyphemus, pood, poontanger, pooper, poperine pear (P), popsicle, popsicle-stick, popular-body-parts, popular parts of your anatomy (G), pork, pork-dagger, pork-enema, pork-sword, porridge-gun, portable-pocket-rocket, potato-finger, potent-regiment, pouch, poud, pounders, prack, prairie-oysters, prepuce, priapus, prick, prick-pride, prick-proud, prick-stand, prickle, pride-and-joy, pride-of-the-morning, prides, princock, prigpas, Prince-Everhard-of-the-Netherlands, Principal Skinner (UP/F), private-parts, private-property, privates, privities, privy-limb, privy-limbs, privy-members, privy-parts, prod, prong, pronger, proud-below-the-navel, proud-inclination-of-the-flesh, prunes, pubes, pubickers, pud, pudding, pudendal-intruder, pudendal-trifler, pudendus, pump, pump-action-mottgun, pump-handle, punisher,-the, puny-prick, pup, puppy, purple-headed-avenger, purple-headed-custard-chucker, purple-headed-meat-puppet, purple-headed-love-truncheon, purple-headed-monster, purple-headed-warrior, purple helmeted yogurt thrower (P), purple-lollipop, purple-throbber (EP), purple-veined-tonsil-tickler, purse (S/T), pus-rod, pussy-diver, pussy-feeder, pussy-fodder, pussy-fucker, pussy-pleaser, pussy-plunger, pussy-poker, pussy-sticker, putter, putz, pylon, python, quickening-peg, quiff-splitter, quim-stake, quim-stick, quim-wedge, rabbit, radish, raisin-bag, raise-a-gallop, ram-charger, rammer, ramrod, randy, ranger, rat, raw-meat, real piece (LP), reamer, Rector of (the) Females (P), red cap (GP/P), red-hot-poker, red-lobster, redcap, reproductive-organs, Richard, rig, rigid-digit, rise (EP), rise-in-the-Levis, roaring-horn, roaring-jack, rock-formation, rock-python, rocket, rocks, rod, rod-of-love, Rodney, rod-on, rodger, roger, Roger-the-Lodger, rollocks, rollies, rolling-pin, roly-poly, rooster, root, rosy-red-reproductive-rod, roto-rooter, roundhead, royal-jewels, rubigo, rudder, rude-bits, rude-parts, ruffian, rule-of-three, rump-splitter, Rupert, sack, sack-o'-nuts, salami, salty-dog, salty-yogurt-slinger, Sandra-Bullocks, sausage, scalloped-potatoes, schlong, schmekel, schmeegle, schmock, schmuck, schnitzel, schwanz, schwantz, schwing, scope, scorz, screwdriver, scrot, scrot-sack, scrote, scurvy-end, seals, secret-parts, secret-works, secrets, semen-shooter, Senator-Packwood, sensitive-plant, sensitive-truncheon, serpent, sex-bone, sex-glands, sex-meat, sex organon (of the male) (P), sex-stalk, sexing-piece, sexocet-missile, sexual organon (of the male) (P), sexual-trocar-of-the-male, shaft, shaft-of-Cupid, shaft-of-delight, sheath, shit-stabber, shit-stick, shlong, shmendrik, shmok, shmuck, shooting-iron, shooting-stick, short-and-curlies, short-arm, short-hairs, short-leg, shove-straight, shrimp, shriveller, shtick, silent-flute, silky-appendage, silver-penny, sinbad, skinclad-tube, skin-flute, skinned, slabs, sleeping-bag, sleeping-beauty, slug, slurpee, small-arm, small-person, smeat, snake, snapper, snatch-pointer, snorker, snotty, solicitor-general,-the, southern-hemisphere, spear, spermapositor, sperm-sack, spike, spike-faggot, spiked-phallus, spindle, spit, spitfire, spitter, spitting-cobra, split-mutton, spooge-gun, sporran, sporting-some-wood, spout, spunk-factories, spunk-holders, Spunky, spurm-gun, stable, stacked, staff, stag, stalk, stand, stand-on, standard, standing, standing-member, stanley (the power drill) (P), star-gazer, steak, steel-beam, steely-dan, stem, stemmer, stick, stick-and-bangers, sticker, stickshift, sticky-finger, sticky-spud-gun, stiff, stiff-and-stout, stiff-deity, stiff-on, stiff-one, stiff-peter, stiff-stander, stiffy (or Stiffy) (P), sting, stinger, stocking-stuffer, stones, stonk, stonk-on, stonker, stork, Stormy-Dick, stout-warrior, strap, stretcher, string-and-nuggets, stud, stud-meat, stuffy, stump, sugar-stick, Sunday-best, Sunday-clothes, superdick, swack, swanska, sweet-meat, sweets, swelling, swingers, swizzle-stick, sword, tackle, tadge, tadger, tadpole-carrier, tail, tail-high, tail-line, tail-pike, tail-pin, tail-tackle, tallywag (P), tallywags, tallywagger (P), tallywhacker, tan-trouser(ed)-snake, tannhauser, tarn-wags, tarrywags, tarse, tarzoon, tassel (P/FP), taters, tatties, teapot, teenie-weenie, temporary-priapism, tenant-in-tail, tender-tumour, 10-Pounder, tent, tent-peg, tent-pole, terror-of-virgins, testes, testicular-sac, testimonials, testosities, Texan, Texas-longhorn, thing, thing-a-ling, thingamabobs, thingie, thingamajigs, thingmajigs, thingamaling, thingumbobs, thingummies, thingummy, thingy, third-leg, thistle, Thomas, thorn-(in-the-flesh), three-card-trick, three-inch-fool, three-piece-set, three-piece-suit, throb-knob, throbbing-member, throbbing-muscle-of-pure-love, throbbing-python-(of-love), thumb, thumb-of-love, thumper, tickle-faggot, tickle-gizzard, tickle-tail, tickle-toby, tickler, tiddelly-pod, tiki-tiki, tilt-on-one's-kilt, tip, tired-rabbit, tit-bit, tittle-bat, todger, tom-tom, Tom-Doolies, Tom-Thumb, Tommy, Tommy-Rollicks, Tommy-Rollocks, tong, tonk, tonsil-wrench, toobsnake, toobsteak, tool, tool-bag, tool-of-pleasure, toothache, tootsie-roll, tool-bag, toot-meat, torch-of-Cupid, tosh, tossergash, touch-on, touch-trap, towel-rack, toy, trap-stick, tree-of-life, tree-of-love, tref, Tricky-Dicky, trifle, trigger, trombone, trouser-ferret, trouser-mauser, trouser-snake, trouser-tent, trouser-trick, trouser-trout, trouser-trumpet, trouser-truncheon, trouser-worm, trumpet, truncheon, trypan, tube-of-meat, tube-steak (tubesteak of love) (P/EP), tug-muscle, tumefied-phallus, tumescent, tummy-banana, tummy-tickler, turgid-bayonet, turkey-baster, turkey-neck, turned-on, turnip, turtleneck-sweater, twanger, tweeterfrank, twiddle-diddler, twiddle-diddles, twig, twig-and-berries, twins,-the, two-dots-and-a-dash, ugly-little-dog-Dick, uncle, Uncle-Dick, Uncle Jim and the twins at attention (G), undercarriage, under-par, underpant-eel, underparts, unemployed (P), unit, unmentionables, unruly-member, unsliced bologna (UP), up, up-a-bone, up-pointed-male-spike, upright-grand, upscope, Urals,-The, urinary-petcock, urogenital-tailpiece, useless (P), vaginal-dilator, vegetable-stick, vein-laden-meatpipe, veiny bang stick (P), veiny-salami, velvet-orbs, Venetian-blinds, verge, VIP, virgins-dream, virile-member, virile-reflex, virilia, vitals, vomer, voorsch, wab (P), wag, wake-up-with-Jake-up, walking-tripod, wammer, wand, wang, wang-bone, wang-tang, wangdoodle, wanger, wank-stick, wank-tanks, wanker, wankrod, wares, watch-and-seals, water-engine, water-pistol, water-spout, water-worker, water-works, waterworks, wazoo, wazzock, weapon, wear a turtleneck sweater (UP), wear it up in curls (or curlers) (UP), wear it up in pins (UP), wedding-kit, wedding-tackle, wedge, wedge-bone, wee, wee-man, wee-wee, weener, weenie, weiner, weinie, well-endowed, well-equipped, well-furnished, well-hung, well-knobbed, well-loaded, welt, Wentworth-Falls, wet-noodle, wet-spaghetti, whalebone, whacker, whammer, whang, whang-bone, whangdoodle, whanger, whatchamacallit, whatsis, whatsit, whatsus, whatzis, wheezer, whip, whip-whistle, whirlygigs, whisker-splitter, whisky dick (FP), whistle, white-owl, whoopie-stick, whopper, whore-pipe, wick, Wicked-Willie, wiener, wienie, wife's-best-friend, wigga-wagga, wild-rogue, Wilde-Oscar, willie, willy (P), willy-the-burping-worm, wimpy-dick, wingdoodle, winkie (P/UP), winkie-wankie-woo, winkle, winky (P/UP), winky-bag, winny-popper, wire, wishbone, wistle (P), witnesses-to-ones-virility, wobbly-bits, women-pleaser, womb-broom, womb-bruiser, womb-brush, womb-cannon, womb-ferret, won-ton, wong, wonk, wonger, wood, Woodrow, woody, Woody-Johnson, woofer, wooter, wop, worm, worm-with-a-nazi-helmet, wriggling-pole, wriggling-stick, wrinkled-dick, wuf, wurst, yack, yang, yang-fella, yarbles, yard, yardage, yards-of-personality, Yasser, Yasser Crackafat (Crack-a-fat) (EP), ying-yang, yongles, yosh, yoyo, yum-yum, yummies, yutz, zack, zab, zap (P), zipperfish, zoob, zoobrick, zubb, zucchini, zubrick

See Also: 63, a bit of beef, accoutrements, acomoclitic, Adams arsenal, affairs, after-market, anogenital, Antipodes, Apostle's grove, apparatus, athletic supporter, auto-genital stimulation, auxiliaries, baggage, bagpipes, bald eagle, bambi, bangers, basket, basket crusher, basket party, basketful of meat, bearded, beef-tugging, belongings, below the navel, bermuda triangle, between the legs, Big Jim and the twins, bit of beef, bits, black badger, black joke, bogga, bottom surgery, bread, brown madam, bush beater, C-light, canasta, carnal abuse, cervicitis, clean kitchen, cluster, cock, cock and ball torture, concern, continental shot, cookies, cradle, credentials, crotch, crown jewels, cunniphilemia, cunnus, cunt light, cushion, dancer's belt, danglers, dangling participles, decencies, dingbat, do-hickies, dohickeys, dohickies, dyspareunia, eat pussy, engine, essentials, extreme cunt torture, f2m SRS, family jewels, fancy work, female goodies, female reproductive organs, fish pond, flash, flasher, forbidden zone, Fr, frankendick, French lessons, front garden, fumbler's hall, furry hoop, furry mound, gearbox, generative organ, genital pound of flesh, genitomorphism, get to third base, gingambobs, give good head, go down and do tricks, groceries, hardcore, hardware, head job, herpes simplex, HGM, hot lips, human reproductive organs, hung like a dinosaur, hung like a rabbit, hung like a stallion, intimate bits, intimate parts, Jenny Tull, jewel, jewelry showcase, jewels, jock itch, jockstrap itch, jungle rot, kit, knick-knacks, kolpophobia, lady-ware, leg beard, little Mary, load, lower cynosure (of the female), lower deck, luggage, lunch box, lunch-meat, lunchbox, machinery, nuts and bolts, male catcher, male netherland(s), male organs of generation, male organs of reproduction, male reproductive organs, man catcher, man's privities, marriage gear, meat and (two) potatoes, meat and two veg, meat and two vegetables, mommy-daddy button, monster shot, Mount Joy, mouth music, muff barking, muff diving, nasty bits, natural places, necessaries, Netherlands, nick-nacks, nuts and bolts, one's person, oragenitalism, organs of generation, organs of reproduction, organs of the reproductive system, orogenitalism, parts, parts of generation, parts of reproduction, pencil and tassel, picnic lunch, pleasurable underside (of the female), pleasure garden(s), pleasure ground(s), plumbing, poon light, popular body parts, prack, privy limbs, privy parts, pubic, pubic area, reproductive organs, rig, say high mass, secret works, secrets, self-gratification, self-pleasure, self-pleasuring, sex and reproductive organs, sexual behavior, sixty-three, smoo, snackpack, supporter, swing on some flivver, tackle, tail for the cock, tent, three-piece set, three-piece suit, tickleables, tool box, toolbox, trinket, tuna fish, twin, twitchet, two dots and a dash, two-leaved book, undercarriage, undergrowth, virilia, water works, waterworks, wedding tackle, weight training, whidgey, whim, whim-wham, widow's mites, wobbly bits, wrinkle, yummies, zoolinction

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