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Wet Massage:

In Watersports Training Manual (http://nifty.casti.com/nifty/information/ws-training) described as rubbing a lover's body with a mixture of urine and a water-based lubricant .
See Also: a-one and a-two and a-three, assisted shower, body rub, buttered finger, damp patch, do massage work, dream whip, enuresis, extras, full-service, gonk, hand relief, hostess, house split, hygrophilematous, leisure spa, light touch body rub, lighthouse, massage parlor, oneirogmophobia, panty pisser, prick rag, relaxation rubdown, relief massage, rub parlor, rub-a-tug shop, sauna club, Scotch screw, southern massage, switch, tripsolagnia, tripsolagnophilia, tripsophilia, urethral eroticism, urinism, uro-sexuality, urolagnia, urophilia, wand vibrator, wet, wet dream, wet dream-girl, wet fun, wet kiss, wet one, wet patch, wet spot, whipped cream, wide-on, work from the book

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