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act ass:

American slang for a know-it-all.
See Also: 40-5, a bit of bouncy-bouncy, a bit of brown, a bit of butt, a bit of nobble, A double S, a little one-on-one, a piece of flesh, a piece of luggage, a straight shot, A-double scribble, a.s.s., abominable and detestable crime against nature, abominable crime against nature, act, act of darkness, after part, afternoon, anal job, anger rapist, applying for a fishing liscence, applying lip gloss, applying the hand brake, aris, arm breaker, armswinging, arse, arse bandit, arse over tit, arse-bone, arse-fuck, arsecons, arsehole, arseplay, arsy-tarvy, ass, ass about, ass around, ass in a sling, ass-a-holic, ass-bone, assaroonie, attacking the one-eyed purple-headed warrior, audition the finger puppets, auditioning the hand puppet, azz, B.A., B.M., back part, back seat, backhand drive, backland, backs, bahookie, baked alaska, ballinocack, balls and all!, banging the drum, bare-assed, base over apex, bashing the bishop, bashing the candle, bashing the dummy, bass ackwards, basting the tuna, batti, batty boy, battybwoy, battyman, beating around the bush, beating off, beating the bait, beating the bed flute, beating the bishop, beating the bologna, beating the boner, beating the bush, beating the meat, beating the old man, beating the pud, beating the snake, beating the stick, beating your meat on the toilet seat, beauns, beautocks, belly warmer, biffing off, Big A, the, bikini burger, biological event, bit of bouncy-bouncy, bit of brown, bit of butt, bit of nobble, bit of snug, bit of tail, blind cupid, bloating the vein, blooming, blowing your own horn, blue jay, bobbing the boloney, bom, bomb bay, bombosity, bomsey, boogie butt, booty-shot, bopping Richard, bopping the bishop, bosom of the pants, Boston version, botsy, bottle and glass, bottle-ass, bouncy-bouncy, boustrophate, bowel movement, box lunch, boxey, brandy, breaking wind, broad in the beam, broad-beamed, broad-gauge(d), brown job, brushing the beaver, bucking it, bug up the ass, buggering the hand, bull session, bumbo, bun-boogie, bunchy, bunt, bush dinner, butch in the streets, buttering the corn, buttering the muffin, buzz kill, callipygette, camp about, candy-assed, canetta, canister set, capnocratia, capnogeria, carnal connection, caught in flagrante, cherry harvest, chips, circling the knoll, clamming the engram, clit fix, cock-sucking, cohabitation, coil a shamski, coitus à cheval, coitus vetitus, combustoflatulation, compulsion, compulsive sexual activity, conjugal act, conjugal embrace, coproscopist, copulatory, corking, corybungo, cow-climbing, cracking the bat, cucumber queen, culo, detestable crime against nature, deuterition, dick dip, dick-lick, dicky lick, dinky tickle, dipping the wick, do a do-do, do a perpendicular, do the ugly-bumpy, dogess, doing it your way, doing laps, dokus, dolmio grin, double dealing, double fire, double payment, downing at the club (for members only), duck-butt, duff, dummock, dunking the love muscle, duster, English muffins, European accentuation, fags toothbrush, fanny noshing, fart-arsing around, fat-ass, finger flick, fingerbating, flankey, fly fishing, fondling the fig, forty/five, Fr/A, French job, frigging the love muscle, fuckathon, fundillo, fuzz sandwich, gatees, gay it up, gazeet, getting a piece, gilding the lily, glory hole sex, gluteal region, go to blobs, gob job, gorp, Greek side, half-hour shine, hamhocks, hamming, hand fuck, hand game, hand work, hang a b.a., hard breathing, hat job, haunches, head job, hernandies, hill-locks, hind end, hindquarters, Hinterland, honey rolls, horizontal rumble, hot beef injection, hot cross buns, hot meat injection, hot pockeroo, hot roll with cream, hot tailing, ice-cube sandwich, in copulo, in flagrante delicto, in hand, J/O scene, jacking, jacking off, jerk job, jobbie, jolly ride, joy ride, kab edis, kingdom come, knob job, knob-jockery, lard, lard ass, late back, the, latter end, latter part, lay the note, leap in the dark, line-up, little game of hide-the-sausage, a, long date, lower back, male tale, mattress jig, merry bout, moon shot, morner, mottob, mouth fuck, muff-dive, nachas, naka-nake, ninan, ocean pinking, okole-mas, oral job, Póg mo thón, P.T.A., parking place, part that went over the fence last, the, patellas, pellin, penization, phallactory act, piece of flesh, piece of luggage, pink tea, pipe-job, piston job, playing in a one-man show, playing soapy Peter, podex, pom-pom, poof about, popo, posterior, posteriora, postern, pot of brown, a, potcharooney, poultice of warm guts, pounding off, pull a trick, pulling off, pulling on Peter, pulling the pud, pulling the putz, pulling the taffy, pulling the wire, pumping, pumping cream, punch in the mouth, push-push, pussy-nibbling, put the chill on someone, putting Percy to bed, qualifying in the testicular time trial, ram job, rear guard, red-assed, regular trick, relieving tension, riding the baloney pony, riding the great white knuckler, riding the nag, riding the unicycle, riding the waterslide, riding the wild hand, rim queen, rocking chair, rolls, rosey, rubbing one out, rum, rumble seat, rump-shaker, rumpo, rumpus, rumpus delecti, rusty-dusty, sack lunch, satchel butt, scooby snack, set of cakes, set of pears, set-down, sex act, sexual act, sexual embrace, sexual intimacy, sexual relief, shanking, shed a tear, shifting gears, shifting into first gear, shot at the back door, a, sinking the battleship, sit-down, sit-down job, sit-me-down, sit-upon(s), sitting room, skin-dive, skroging, skull job, smacking-off, smucking, soft peat, south side, south-end, splitting the hamster, spot hard breathing, a, squat, squatter, stern, stirring it up, straight lay, straight shot, stroking it, stroking off, stroking the loaf, Sunday face, swinging the ax, T.L., table-ender, tail end, tail-job, taking an albino piss, tantalization, tea bagging, thrapping, timotrudia, tockus, token chicken, token-queer, tokis, tokus, tongue courting, tongue wash, tonsil swabbing, tooky, touch the bun for luck, tribada, tribadus, trip to the moon, turn, twatting, twister, unass, upside-down cake, upside-down kiss, vagination, velcro arse, Veronica, visiting the wookie, wacking off, warm bottom, wedge bone, western end, whatass, where the sun doesn't shine, where the sun never shines, wink the brown eye, working off, wrist job, wristing

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