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act of pleasure:

Euphemism for sexual-intercourse . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: ablutophilia, act, act of darkness, actirasty, adolescentilism, adult baby, algolagnic, algolagnist, algophily, algoterpsia, amatory pleasures, anhedonia, arsenosadism, autoflagellation, automutilation, autosadism, BFP, camp about, capnogeria, carnal pleasures, cataphilist, coitus delicatus, coitus vetitus, compulsive sexual activity, coproscopist, cunniphilemia, defecolagnia, deformity fetishism, dishabillophilia, dolce vita, ecstasy intoxication, for love, fore-pleasure, girdler, grunter, heavy petting, hedonism, hedonist, hedonistic, hedonophobia, hubba-hubba, in flagrante delicto, jollies, jollification, joygasm, love's fruits, mixoscopia, mixoscopia bestialis, nonprocreative sex, panty pisser, poof about, sex toys, telophile, telophilia, thlipsophilist, thlipsosis, vaginal orgasm, Voluptas, voluptas sexualis, voluptas veneris, voluptus carne, zoolagnia, zoosadism

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