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acute HIV infection:

The flu-like syndrome lasting 4 to 6 weeks during the rapid viral replication immediately after a person contracts HIV. This syndrome, resembling mononucleosis and other viral flu syndromes, affects 30 to 60% of individuals and occurs 2 to 4 weeks after infection; it is characterized by fever, malaise, sore throat, swollen glands , headache , myalgia, and sometimes skin rash; it precedes seroconversion (converting from HIV negative to HIV positive).

Synonym: acute-infection , primary HIV infection.

See Also: absolute CD4 count, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, acute HIV infection, acute infection, candida vaginal infection, candidiasis, cunnilinguate, fellate, HSI, moniliasis, oral copulation (of the penis), penilingism, penilingus, penosugia, phallalingus, positive living, STI, vaginal yeast infection, yeast infection

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