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back end:

1. Synonym for the rear-end , the ass . See ass for synonyms.

2. Porno movie profits from theater ticket sales, video rentals, etc.

See Also: a-one and a-two and a-three, abdominal abortion, absolute divorce, amychesis, arse up, backside, BDTs, beetleskin, behind, bell, boodle, BRB, break up, bridle string, burn the grass, bust up, bustle, cheesy bell-end, coitus à cheval, coronal sulcus, cremie, a, cum drum, cumdrum, deep into leather, delo diam, delo nammow, dick peddler, double dong, double dude, draw the blinds, dual dildo, end, grill, heavy leather, hump ribs, lubra, piss pins and needles, raspberry tart, rear guard, skinned, spoon fashion, starter marriage, swoony, tradesmens entrance, usher, w/e, workman's entrance, yellow

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