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ball dancing:

Or: bell-dancing , ritualistic self-flagellation by dancing with bells, fruits and other ornaments hanging from skin hooks which, by their number, constitute a sort of necklace or belt around the dancer.
See Also: air dance, anal violin, ball, ball bag, ball basket, ball dancing, ball sack, ball stretcher with chain, ball wracker, ball-breaker, ball-buster, ball-tearer, ballbag, ballroom, balls, balls in a sling, ballum rancum, bawls, bell dancing, Ben Wa Balls, bitch's Christmas, bitches' Christmas, booth dance, brutal breasting, buff ball, buff ball and ballum rancum, bun-boogie, buonballs, Burmese balls, C & B bondage, C & B play, C & B Torture, C and B torture, C/B/T/T, cancan, carry on like a mad Watoo, CB, CBB, CBT, CBTT, cha-cha palace, choreophilia, chorophobia, cobbler's awls, cobbler's stall, cocksucker's teeth, coffee stalls, cooch, coochee-coochee, couch dance, dance the miller's reel, dance the reels o' Bogie, dance the reels of Stumpie, danse du ventre, do fancy footwork on the daffodils, floor show, floor work, geisha balls, gigolo, Henry Halls, hootchy-kootchy, marble halls, massage the maple, Max Walls, Niagara Falls, nobby halls, nut-cruncher, orchestra stalls, pansy ball, pussy show, Rino Tama, shake the beads, shake the sheets, slabs, spread some good leather, stick and bangers, stone-ache, table dancing, Thai beads, touch dick, tribadance, turn on the sizzlers, twirl, up close and personal, vaginal balls, vertical foreplay, wallflower, Wentworth Falls

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