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basket making:

Obsolete British term for illicit lovemaking punning bastard with basket , defined coyly in Francis Grose's Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811) as: 'making feet for children's stockings '. See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: amatorial, amatory pleasures, apples, ball bag, ball sack, banns, bans, basket crusher, basket making, basket shopping, basketeer, bird song, breather, cecum condom, cockbiter, crotch rope, crotch voyeur, crotch-peeper, dermagraphism, dolled up, family jewels, fence painting, fifi bag, gyno shot, head case, horn work, It's not the bull they're afraid of, it's the calf, jizzer, m-and-g track, making bishops, oscula me, poon light, pop shot, proof shot, screamplay, scum dump, stickspin, suck, fuck, tickle balls and rim, take the meat out, tasty-cover(s), three-way woman, tisket a-tasket, tropophobia, view master, view queen, wad sop, zine

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