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Room equipped with facilities from taking a bath or shower, usually containing a toilet and sink.
Synonyms: backhouse ; biffy; cacatorium; can ; chapel; cloakroom; crap-house; crapper ; crappery; girls' room; honey house ; john ; ladies; ladies' room; latrine ; lavatory ; library; little girls' room; necessarium; outhouse; powder room; powder room; privy; restroom; sandbox; shithouse ; shitter ; tea-room (gay usage); throne-room ; toilet ; toilet chamber (American); washroom; water closet; WC (British); women's room.
See Also: autagonistophilia, blow hole, call of nature, can, excuse oneself from the table, explain the chain, find a haven of refuge, find a haven of rest, girlcam, go upstairs, johns, mother nature calls, mother nature's call, pay the water bill, powder one's nose, powder ones puff, rush the can, second highest duty calls, the, shithouse poet, small room, smallest room, throne room, toilet, Toilet Tessie, topos, Ugandan affairs, Ugandan discussions, visit mother, visit the sandbox, wall queen, washroom faggot

Quotes Containing bathroom:
'Eat me, dammit! That's an order.' Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) in The Trunan Show (1998) Truman is daydreaming a survival scenario in front of his bathroom mirror.

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