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1. Britishism for the penis . See penis for synonyms.

2. Americanism for the hymen . See hymen for synonyms.

3. The clitoris . Flick the bean / fiddle-the-bean , to masturbate . See vagina for synonyms.

4. Or: beaner / bean-eater / chile bean , ethnic slur for a Mexican or Hispanic person. ' That jumping bean-queen wrecked my bed .'

See Also: anal exudate, asshole bandit, bean, bean-eater, beaner, birdcage cleaner, bottom-sucker, Carmen(cita), Chile Bean, cookies, dew, fart slime, fiddle the bean, flick the bean, freejack, haricot, hot enchilada, hot tamale, joto, kitchen cleaner, kitchen queen, masturbation-female, Mexicali Rose, Miss Morales, Miss Tijuana, senoreater, south-of-the-border tart, Spanish Rose, taco queen, tamale-pie eater, Tijuana queen

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