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blood sports:

Any sex game that involves blood, any activity that breaks the skin including: abrasions, branding , burning , biting , carpet burns, caning , cupping, cutting, cicatrization , flagellation, impalement, phlebotomy, piercing, shaving, scratching, suturation, vampirism , etc. CAUTION: Blood sports are considered unsafe sex and pose a high risk for the transmission of AIDS and hepatitis ; any object piercing the skin or touching a wound should be sterile .
Synonyms: vampirism ; vampire-sex .
See also: hemotigolagnia (fetish for sanitary pads); menophilist (fetish for menstruating women).
See Also: abdominal protector, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, act, act of sport, archorrhea, bad disease, bed bugs, biker, blood sports, chapstick lesbian, cheek bite, cremie, a, erotic peeing, feminine heart pumper, first game ever played, packing heat, pee-games, peegames, play the first game ever played, sport of the masses, sport of Venus, temperature eroticism, vampire, vampire sex, vampirism, W/S, well-knobbed, WS, WS/GS

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