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Another word for pedophile or pederast .
See Also: a bit of mess, ace lover, Amantes sunt amentes, Amantium irae, amoris integratio est, amatorial, amorosa, amoroso, anagapesis, arm-clutcher, arm-in-armer, arseduke, aspro, asspro, b-boy, B-G, baby child, baby in the boat, babyology, bald man in a boat, bardajes, battyman, beard, bed partner, belly woman, benny house, berdache, berry, big moment, bird dog, bitch boy, blind love, boy, boy brothel, boys, brother starling, bubbies' uncle, bubby heaters, buddy, bush talk, bwoy, calf love, canoodlers, cherry top, chicken-meter, chicken-with-a-basket, chippy on, chuff chums, companion, conditional love, cream of the crop, cuddle birds, cuddle doves, cut him off, debag, dolly pals, dorian, double cross, double up on, double-clock, double-clocker, double-crosser, drooly, dual dildo, eye-gazer, fag factory, flower house, free holder, GB, girl-crazy, give up rhythm, go domestic, go head over heels, he-whore, heart team, hit and run guy, Hollywood hustler, homosocial, honeysuckle vine, hot spot, hot-pillow joint, hug center, husband for a weekend, Jack ass, jilt, joy boy, lily of the valley, linguistic cross-dressing, little shaver, love cheat, love doves, love knot, love letter, love nook, lovelock, Miss Nancy, mushroom, nan-boy, nancy boy, no Casanova, no Lothario, paederast, paederasty, paramour, party boy, pasture woman, pederast, pederasty, pee-pee lover, petticoat discipline, philogynist, pinup boy, possesh, prick peddler, Professional queer, pronoun reversal, proper Casanova, a, puto, Queen of Hearts, rent boy, renter, ring-tail, saveloy, side dish, significant other, slowie, spoonies, sport goods, sporting goods, step-out-oner, stepper-outer, stepping out on, street hustler, street mechanic, street-meat, strephon, sweet mama, sweet-hot, swoony, T boy, T man, tactus, Thisbe, throws a mean fuck, throws a wicked fuck, tiff, toss freaks, touche pipi, trabajado trader, trader dick, trick-out, truelover's knot, trysting place, tweeny, twig and berries, twilight lads, twilight men, two-timer, Venus with a penis, walkout, wank tank, wankmonger, widowed aunt, yob, zoophile

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