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brown madam:

Euphemism for the female genitals and pubic-hair . See vagina for synonyms.
See Also: abbess, abbesse, ass middlewoman, B.Q., brown, brown eye miner, Brown family, brown star, Browning family, Browning sister, Browning sisters, BS, case keeper, Covent Garden abbess, crack detail woman, dress lodger, flesh broker, governess, hot turds, house-mother, housekeeper, housemother, Lady Abbess, landlady, madam, mother abbess, mother damnable, mother hollyhock, mother midnight, mother of the maids, mother superior, mud pies, presbyteress, procuress, proxenetist, S-word, she-pimp, skirt woman, tenderloin madam, velcro arse, victualler, whoremistress

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