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butterfly kiss:

Or: butterfly / butterfly-flutter , fluttering an eyelash against another person's lips or cheeks .
See also: double-butterfly .
See Also: bambi, basoexia, basorexia, basorgasmus, biting kiss, blow a kiss, boodle, box tonsils, buss, butterfly, butterfly flick, butterfly flutter, butterfly kiss, chuck a slob, cunniphilemia, deep kiss, double butterfly, exchange spit(s), French kiss, fucked without getting kissed, give someone the works, give tonsil-lectomy, go around the world, goo it, hang a goober, have some lip action, heavenly bliss, Hector's pecking, hit and miss, hit or miss, hot tongue, hygrophilematous, kiss, kiss-kiss, kisseltoe, kissing tackle, kissing trap, kissy-face, KS, lip salute, a, lock lips, mariposa, MKA, MLA, mouth wrestle, mouth wrestling, neck, oscula me, osculate, osculation, osculatory, Póg mo thón, papillon d'amour, pass secrets, peck, petting, philemaphobia, philematology, philematophobia, plant a big one, plant one, plates and dishes, play kissy, play kissy-face, play kissy-poo, play lickey-face, play smacky-lips, play snuggle-bunnies, play tonsil hockey, public display of affection, pucker up, smack, smash mouth, smooch, smooching, smoodge, smooge, smouge, snog, snooch, soul kissing, spit swapping, suck face, swab the tonsils, swap spit, swapping spit, thelebasiate, throw the tongue, tongue kiss, tongue kissing, tongue wrestle, tongue wrestling, tonsil swab, tonsil swabbing, tonsil-lectomy, trade spit, tulip sauce, typhlobasia, wear, wet kiss, wet kissing, X, zoom in

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