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camp bitch:

An extremely effeminate homosexual male.
See Also: 175er, abareskin, all butched up, Amanda, ammunition whore, ball gown, Bathsheba, beach blanket, beard, bearded lady, biatch, Big Bertha, big girl flamboyant, bitch, bitch's blind, bitch's Christmas, bitch-queen, bitches' blinds, bitches' Christmas, bluff, bugskin, bummers, camp, camp culture, camp follower, camping, campy, capris, Cash Flagg, Charlene, Clarabella, cock bite, commoner of the camp, cooze-cola, cream of the crop, dancey, decor-ina, dizzy-lizzy, dogess, five-letter woman, flinking, honeysuckle vine, Hundred-And-Seventy-Fiver, lily of the valley, Our lady of the vapor(s), pansy without a stem, proud, queen's Christmas, Tomasina, tonsila, Tonya, twat say?, twatch, Uncle Samantha, Veronica, Victoria, waiteress

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