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case with:

To go-to-bed-with for sexual purposes. An American expression; it is rarely heard today, but was common in the 1960-70s.
See Also: 24/7/365, abdominal pregnancy, acrotometophilia, acrotomophilia, acute prostatitis, angel with a dirty face, arrow, atresia vaginae, bacterial sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial STDs, basketful of meat, boots and shoes fetish, bot, Brown family, Browning family, Browning sisters, buggerantoes, bulldog dose, canasta, canned fruit, case, chancroid, chubby chaser, closet queer, collar, collar and lead, confused, controsexual, corespondent, cunnilinguate, dog, doodle sack, dose, a, drip, dripper, dripsy, erotica, fellate, flesh factory, Freudian, groceries, have the heebie-jeebies for, head case, heavy cruiser, herosexual, homogenic, IBM, ID, inappetence, intersexual, involutional depression, isosexual, jewelry showcase, knocker, laundry, lunch, lunch box, lunch-meat, lunchbox, main lady, meatballs, needle-book, NGU, nongonococcal urethritis, packet, protection, rifle, royal fucking, a, showcase, simulsexual, snackpack, soft chancre, soul case, twenty-four seven, unwritten law, USer, venereal sore

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