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chicken porn:

Child pornography .
Synonyms: child-porn ; child-pornography .
See Also: audiotext, big tender, brown eye pie, buddy booths, C-light, chicken butcher, chicken crotchetory, chicken hawk, chicken hunter, chicken kisser, chicken lover, chicken plucker, chicken queen, chicken rancher, chicken snatchitori, chicken-fancier, chicken-milking, chicken-on-a-spit, child porn, child pornography, cocksucker red, continental shot, cowgirl, cum dodger, cum shot, cummy face, cunt light, e-coli pie, face shot, fence painting, fluffer, g-g, gay chicken, gyno shot, inscrewtable, jizzer, kiddie porn, kiddy porn, lucky Pierre, lunchmeat, m-and-g track, masterbation, meat of the sandwich, money shot, monster shot, no spring chicken, plumber, pop shot, porn, pornchops, proof shot, shampoo, softy, solo box, splash shot, stickspin, stovepipe, stunt cock, three-way woman, trash-rack, vice area, waiting for wood, wet shot, woodsman, X-pics

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