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coital orgasm:

Or: coital-climax , an orgasm attained through copulation , not from oral or self-stimulation . See orgasm for synonyms.
See Also: A-frame orgasm, agonorgasmos, algorgasmia, anorgasmia, autonecrophilia, baby custard, baby fat, baby food, baby paste, ball-bearing oil, bang it, basorgasmus, beef extract, belly seed, big O, bird song, blended orgasm, boy honey, braid cutting, bring oneself off, bring someone off, bringing oneself off, bull gravy, bung juice, bung spew, bung upwards, bust one's nuts, bust your nuts, buttermilk, C.A.T., carpopedal spasm, Chinese fashion, Chinese style, chuck the muck, clitoral orgasm, cock vomit, cockstipation, coital climax, coital orgasm, coithesis, coitus wheel, come together, come-by-chance, come-juice, coming together, concurrent climax, cowgirl, crash one's muck, cream sauce, cum-cum, Cyclops' tears, dick drink, doll spit, dolly spit, dorsal-ventral position, draw a blank, ejaculant, experience an orgasm, experience orgasm, explode, figura veneris prima, figurae veneris, foam, gentleman's relish, get one's cookies (off), get ones gun off, get over the mountain, get your gun off, get your nuts off, get your oats, get your rocks off, getting off, go over the mountain, gonad glue, guma, happy juice, have a sexual reflex, have a spasm, have one's chimes rung, have one's ticket punched, herbalz, hit the top, hot juice, hot lead, hysterical paroxysm, inhibited orgasm, inorgasmic, jet stream, jiffy pop, junk, let go, light off, light up, liquid hair dressing, lose the last round, love liquid, lumpy piss, man milk, man mustard, man oil, man soup, McSpunk, mecotero, mort douce, muckle, multiple climax, mutual climax, mutual orgasm, oil of man, over the mountain, peak, pleasure someone, pop a nut, pop one's cookies, pop one's nuts, pop your cookies, position for coitus, pre-orgasmic woman, reach a climax, reach the big O, reproductive fluid, ring her bell, satisfy oneself, screamplay, self-gratification, seminal discharge, send out the troops, sexual climax, sexual fulfillment, sexual orgasm, shissom, shoot, shoot one's batch, shoot one's cocoa, shoot one's cream, shoot one's creamy load, shoot one's roe, shoot ones load, shoot ones wad, shoot white, shooting off a load, simultaneous climax, simultaneous orgasm, snedge, spooch, spoof, spooge, spoons, sticky seed, suds, sweet agony, sweet death, tadpole treasure, tail oil, take one's pleasure, tardagen, tardojacia, tardorgasmus, technological orgasm, telophilia, tender agony, tenting orgasm, thrill, thrill and chill, top of the hill, UFOs, upavishta, uterine orgasm, vaginal orgasm, ventral-ventral position, Veronica's veil, water of life, white love piss, Yankees yawn, yelper

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