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coitus intermammarius:

Or: coitus-inter-mammas / coitus-intramammas / coitus intra mammas , Latin for coitus between breasts, masturbation of the penis between the breasts of a female partner .
Synonyms: bombay-roll ; boob-balling ; bunny-rub ; coitus-a-mammilla ; diddiride ; Dutch-fuck ; French-fuck ; fuck-tits ; fuck-a-brisket ; go-Dutch ; jug-jousting ; mammary-coitus ; mammary-intercourse ; mastophallation ; mazophallate ; muscle-fuck ; piss-in-the-dugout ; Russian (culture); sex-between-hills ; sex-between-mountains ; shoot-between-the-fagots ; titch ; tit-fucking ; titty-fuck ; titwank ; trip-down-mammary-lane ; TVF.
See also: dog-in-a-blanket ; jizz-spider ; mammagymnophilia (arousal from female breasts).
See Also: a tergo, bombay roll, boob-balling, Browning sister, bunny rub, butter churn, coital, coiture, coitus a mammilla, coitus a posteriori, coitus a tergo, coitus acceptus, coitus fear, coitus incompletus, coitus inter mammas, coitus intramammas, coitus more ferarum, coitus pluvius, coitus siccus, coitus sodomus, college fuck, college style, copulating, diddiride, Dutch fuck, English method, French fuck, fuck a brisket, fuck tits, get off at Redfern, getting of at Gateshead, go Dutch, jug-jousting, leave before the gospel, mammary coitus, mammary intercourse, mastophallation, mazophallate, muscle fuck, Post coitum triste omni est, pull out, Russian, Russian arts, Russian culture, sex between hills, sex between mountains, sexarche, shoot between the fagots, tit fuck, tit fucking, Tit Valley Fuck, titch, titillatione mammarum, titty fuck, titwank, trip down mammary lane, tvf, vaginal urination, works, the

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