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compulsive sexual activity:

In psychology, an abnormal , persistent, irresistible urge to engage in sexual-acts, whether or not these acts lead to full gratification.
See Also: a bit of cuddle, a bit of fun, a spot of perving, ablutomania, beach blanket bingo, bedwork, behind door work, bit of cuddle, bit of fun, bit of nookey, bull-dicking, butch bottom, butterfly queen, campery, cannibalism, carnalism, compulsive cruising, cyprieunia, delire du toucher, desire phase, erotolalia, extracurricular activities, extras, fun and games, funk-a-thon, gynecomania, hardcore, head date, hedonophilia, Humphreys, hyposexuality, indoor sports, inhibited sexual desire, ISD, lagnosis, lechery, lovins, make it with, make nice, non-orthogenic sex, old slap and tickle, piss freak, piss-lover, putting on the pot, secret services, sex addict, sexaholic, slap 'n tickle, smooching, smug, speak French, spot of perving, take liberties with someone, thigmosis, tomcating, tribology, triple header, Trois, Les, trouser action, turned out, unnatural, vanilla sex, varietism, variety artist, velvet rope

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