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1. In the 16 th century, a lady in a royal or noble court, especially one who was the kept mistress of one of the nobles; later a prostitute with a courtly, wealthy, or upper-class clientele. See also: mistress .

2. More recently, a high-class, well-paid, discriminating prostitute , especially one who associates with celebrities or men of wealth. See prostitute for synonyms.
Etymology: From the Old Italian cortigiano , meaning a courtier.

See Also: bona roba, courtesan fantasy, hackney, heels in the air, hop up and down, itching, laced mutton, melt, messalina, quean, rooting, score, shadow of a woman, shake the sheets, short heels, shot betwixt wind and water, smell-smock, surphling of breasts, woman's heraldry, wounded in the thigh

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