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crab lice:

Also known as: crabs / pubic-lice / pediculosis-pubis / papillon-d'amour (butterfly of love), is caused by the Phthirus-pubis parasite (or crab louse), a small, flat-bodied, whitish-gray or brownish-red, wingless, sucking louse, infesting the hairy part of the body, mostly the pubic-hair , but occasionally the hair of the chest , armpits, eyelashes and eyebrows; it uses its claws to grab and hang on to hairs while feeding on its host's blood. Crabs are usually transmitted through skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, but they can also be transmitted through sleeping in infested bedding, wearing infested clothing, and possibly by contact with an infested toilet seat. SYMPTOMS: Mild to intense itching in the pubic or groin area, especially at night. TREATMENT: Several prescription or over-the-counter creams, lotions, or shampoos. Some of the common brands include Nix , Lice-Enz , R&C Shampoo, Kwell , and RID .
Synonyms: ass-mites ; body-lice ; bosom-buddies ; bosom-chums ; bosom-friends ; bugs ; cooties ; crabs ; creepers ; critters ; crotch-crickets ; crotch-critters ; crotch-monkeys ; crumb ; dibs-and-dabs (rhyming slang - crabs); dick-scropions ; gentleman's-companions ; lap-bugs ; lice ; light-troops ; love-bugs ; pant-rabbits ; papillon-d'amour (butterfly of love); pubic-visitors ; Sandy-McNabs (rhyming slang - crabs); shattis .

Quote: A short poem composed by Lou Perelli (Alan Arkin) and Ruben Martinez (Andy Garcia) for Judge W. Myers (David Ogden Stiers) in Steal Big, Steal Little (1995): ' May bleeding piles torment you and corns adorn your feet / And crabs as big as horse flies dig into your balls and eat / And when you're old and weary and a siphilitic wreck / May you fall through your own bottom and break your bloody neck .'

See Also: A-200, ass mites, Beattie and Babs, body lice, bosom buddies, bosom chums, bosom friends, boys on ice, bugs, chatts, cooties, crab ladder, crab lice, crabs, crabwalk, creepers, critters, crotch crickets, crotch critters, crotch monkeys, crumb, dibs and dabs, dick scropions, gentleman's companions, Hansom cabs, itchy-scratchies, Kwell, lap bugs, lice, Lice-Enz, light troops, love bugs, nits, Nix, pant rabbits, papillon d'amour, pediculophobia, pediculosis pubis, phthiriophobia, Phthirus pubis, pubic lice, pubic visitors, RID, Sandy McNabs, shattis, snatch monsters, social dandruff

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