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Or: crossdresser / CD / Cder / XDR / X-dresser , a person who, regardless of the motivation, dresses in the clothing and assumes the gender role of the opposite-sex , but has no desire to change sex permanently. Although some people use the words transvestite and cross-dresser interchangeably, others make a motivational distinction between a transvestite who dresses for sexual satisfaction and a crossdresser who carries out the activity to express his femininity; a transvestite is a crossdresser but a crossdresser is not necessarily a transvestite .
See also: drag king ; drag-queen ; f2m ; transvestite .
See Also: 49, agyrophobia, bayot, CD, CDer, CG, closet queer, cock eyes, cross, cross-dresser, drag, f2m, FtM, gender illusionist, genderphobia, gimlet eyes, go caso, M2F, mahu, MtF, nonconforming gender, peeved, pronoun reversal, queer peepers, road game, staurophobia, syntribadism, syntribate, transgendered, transgressively gendered, transvest, transvestite, X-legged, XDR

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