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1. A father.

2. Or: sugar-daddy , a male lover , especially one who keeps a mistress .

3. Or: daddy-o / sugar-daddy , in the gay US, a nickname for an older man who supports his lover and/or who showers his younger lover with gifts. In his humorous dictionary The Penthouse Sexicon (1968) Frederic Mullally defined:
-- DADDY: ' Girl's best-friend .'
-- SUGAR DADDY: ' Well-coated girl's best-friend .'

4. In BDSM, the imitative role of a kind but firm parent taken on by a dominant in punishment scenes.

5. In S & M relationships, the dominant/master/top partner .

6. A masculine lesbian , especially as the lover of a feminine lesbian or a lesbian who takes a parental male role in an intimate relationship .

7. A term of affection by a female to her male counterpart.

8. A father figure .

See Also: angel, antique dealer, bad boy, big brother, big game, candy-leg, daddy, daddy mack, Disneyland daddy, doughed-up darling, four-letter word, generous keeper, gold mine, gold-digging, gold-miner, honey man, intergenerational relationship, mac daddy, mack daddy, mommy-daddy button, money-honey, pay papa, pursonality papa, Sheik, sugar bowl, sugar honey, sugar papa, zoo daddy

Quotes Containing daddy:
Mrs. Ditmeyer (Jean Smart) slipping a letter (and her hand) into Greg Brady's (Christopher Daniel Barnes) pocket in The Brady Bunch Movie (1994). - Mrs. Ditmeyer: 'Your hands are full. Let me. My! You've gotten so big. You're almost as big as your daddy .' - Greg Brady: 'And I'm still growing.' - Mrs. Ditmeyer: 'Right before my very eyes . Your pants are so tight.'
Call-in radio show ''Doctor'' Shirlee Kenyan (Dolly Parton) to one of her callers in Straight Talk (1992): ''Like my daddy always used to say: a bird and a fish can fall in-love , but where do they make a home?''
Brick Pollit (Paul Newman) to his father Big Daddy (Burl Ives) in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958): ''You don''t know what love is. To you, it''s just another four-letter-word .''
Cousin Vicki (Jane Krakowski) and Audrey Griswold (Dana Barron) in Vacation (1983): - Vicki: ''I''m going steady , and I French-kiss .'' - Audrey: ''So? Everybody does that.'' - Vicki: ''Yeah, but Daddy says I''m the best at-it .''

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