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deviant sexual behavior:

Or: deviance / deviation / sexual-deviance / sexual-deviation / sexual-deviancy , sexual-behavior that diverges from the accepted norm or what is regarded as ' normal ' by a community. Examples range anywhere from homosexuality to oral or anal-sex to exhibitionism, voyeurism , pedophilia, incest , zoophilia , fetishism , sadism , masochism , transvestism . This expression and its synonyms is mildly pejorative (what deviates is not straight) and the expresions variance / variant-sexual-behavior / sexual-variance are preferred by sex educators and sexologists because they are neutrally descriptive and non-judgmental.
See Also: a spot of perving, aberrant sex, activating effects, atypical sexual behavior, berry, bi-gendered, blue discharge, deviance, deviant sexual behavior, deviate, deviation, dish dirt, gynemimism, heterosexuality, hyperfemininity, hypermasculinity, licentiousness, mooners, pathic, screaming queen, sexual aberration, sexual deprivation, sexual deviance, sexual deviancy, sexual deviation, sexual variance, sexually nonconforming, speak French, spot of perving, teasing, transvestic fetishism, unnatural, vanilla sex, variant, variant sexual behavior, vicarious arousal, vicarphilia

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