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To be in an advanced state ot pregnancy. See pregnant for synonyms.
See Also: 21-hydroxylase deficiency, abdominal pregnancy, acne, actual failure rate, Adam's apple, adolescent growth spurt, adulterine, agrexophrenia, aidacratia, amaurophilia, amblyrosis, anal leakage, atony of the bladder, atresia vaginae, autopederasty, autopedication, baby blues, bed bugs, brewers droop, Broken Cloud, bugger-arsed, captive penis, charity girl, coitus sine ejaculatione, collement, colpectasia, colpismus, colpochoresis, diuresis, dog clutch, dog-knotted, doodle, dream whip, fire blanks, guy cramps, have a nocturnal, have a wet dream, have brewer's droop, knocked with a French faggot, love nuts, mentulalgia, non-operative transsexual, penis captivus, piss pins and needles, sexual atelia, thelerethism, tumescence, whiskey dick, whore's pneumonia

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