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eating pussy:
1. Or: eatin' pussy / eating-stuff , a sexually-appealing woman regarded solely as a sexual-object or target .

2. To perform cunnilingus . See cunnilingus for synonyms.

See Also: apophallation, autodermatophagia, bad-ass mf, cannibalism, cat house detail, chase tail, coprophagist, coprophagy, coprophile, cunnilingus, dark fetish(ism), demands of nature, DPP, eat, eat fur pie, eat hair pie, eat muff pie, eating pussy, eating stuff, fed at both ends, feed the pussy, get some pussy, goat-throat, have some pussy, kitten's ear, O.P.P., P.T.A., poundcake, PTA, pussy, pussy patrol, tom patrol, tuna sandwich, uneat, ussypay, vagetarian, whipped,

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