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1. An effeminate male or one suspected of being homosexual .

2. A well dressed or overdressed man .

See Also: arse curtains, basket lunch, basket weaving, broad in the beam, broad-beamed, bun-pressers, capris, carsey, chicken-with-a-basket, come-fuck-me's, crystal palace, diked out, fancy, fleas and ants, go for, grow on, hot-panted woman, ice palace, insects and ants, itchy pants, leg-crushers, lingerie lass, panty pisser, pavement princess, pokes, riders, tasty-cover(s), tickle your fancy, unbetty, wearer of the breeches, zipper sex

Quotes Containing fancy-pants:
Humphrey Brinstead (Bob Hope) in Fancy Pants (1950): 'Don't tempt me, mum. I can resist anything but temptation .'
Agatha (Lucille Ball) to the butler Humphrey (Bob Hope) in Fancy Pants (1950): - Agatha Floud: ''The first time I saw you I said to myself: ''Here''s a dirty , low-down, lilly-livered coyote . Then, as I got to know you better, I figured you for a filthy, sneaking rat .'' - Humphrey Brinstead: ''I grow-on people like that.''

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