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fetishistic cross-dressing:

The practice of wearing the clothes of the opposite-sex for the purpose of achieving sexual excitement.
See Also: adult baby, agyrophobia, all diked out, Back Drop (Club), bare brisket, bayot, brassierolagnia, burka, CDer, CG, clobber up, cock eyes, coprophagist, coprophile, cross, cross-dressing, deformity fetishism, drag, dress to the right (or to the left), f2m, fetishizing, FtM, G'd up, gender illusionist, gimlet eyes, go caso, gussy up, hair-job, leather film, likes it wet, mahu, MtF, panty pisser, peeved, pronoun reversal, queer peepers, road game, staurophobia, syntribadism, syntribate, tit queen, transgenderism, transvest, transvestic fetishism, transvestism, transvestite, transvestitism, X-legged

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