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frenum of the clitoris:

Or: frenulum-of-the-labia / frenulum-laborium / frenulum of the clitoris , a connecting fold of skin between part of the two labia-minora below the clitoral glans .
Synonym: fourchette .
See Also: a-one and a-two and a-three, banjo string, bobstay, bridle string, budgie's tongue, cherry pit, Clint Toris, clit, clit licker, clitoral, clitoromegaly, clitus lickus, clown's hat, crus of the clitoris, dicky broad, dingleberry, dive in the bushes, dive into it, door bell, eat pussy, expressive button, female cock, female phallus, fleshy excrescence, fraenum (of the penis), frenulum, frenulum laborium, frenulum of the labia, frenulum of the penis, frenulum of the tongue, G-string, glans clitoridis, glans clitoris, go under the house, goal keeper, joy buzzer, licking the beaver, little ploughman, little shame tongue, love bud, love button, make scissors, naviculans, peeping sentinel, penis femininis, prawn of pleasure, rheomism, rheomist, rheononia, sensible part, sensitive spot, shame tongue, slit bit, spare tongue, stink-anger, sugared diamond, Tarzan chord, tastebud, usher of the hall, zither

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