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genital intercourse:

Sexual intercourse involving the genitals of both sexes or both partners, in distinction to anal-intercourse , interfemoral-intercourse , coitus-intramammas , etc. See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: a bit of beef, a bit of fork, acceptive phase, accoutrements, acomoclitic, Adams arsenal, affairs, anogenital, Antipodes, Apostle's grove, apparatus, athletic supporter, auto-genital stimulation, auxiliaries, bald eagle, bambi, basket crusher, basket party, bearded, beef-tugging, belongings, below the navel, bermuda triangle, between the legs, Big Jim and the twins, bit of beef, bit of fork, bit on the fork, bits, black badger, bogga, brown madam, bush beater, C-light, carnal abuse, clean kitchen, cluster, concern, continental shot, cradle, credentials, cunniphilemia, cunnus, cunt light, cush, dancer's belt, dangling participles, dirty work at the crossroads, do-hickies, dohickeys, dohickies, dyspareunia, eat pussy, engine, essentials, extreme cunt torture, fancy work, female goodies, female reproductive organs, fish pond, flash, flasher, Fr, free one's hips, French lessons, front garden, fumbler's hall, furry hoop, furry mound, gearbox, generative organ, genital intercourse, genitomorphism, get to third base, give good head, go down and do tricks, hardcore, hardware, have a bit of fork, head job, herpes simplex, HGM, hot lips, hung like a dinosaur, hung like a rabbit, hung like a stallion, Jenny Tull, jig, jungle rot, kit, kolpophobia, leg beard, leg business, little Mary, lower cynosure (of the female), lower deck, luggage, machinery, nuts and bolts, male catcher, male netherland(s), male organs of generation, male organs of reproduction, male reproductive organs, man catcher, marriage gear, monster shot, Mount Joy, mouth music, muff barking, muff diving, nasty bits, natural places, necessaries, Netherlands, nuts and bolts, oracle, parts of generation, parts of reproduction, pencil and tassel, picnic lunch, pleasurable underside (of the female), pleasure garden(s), pleasure ground(s), poon light, prack, privy limbs, pubic, pubic area, pudendal intercourse, pudendal symphony, rig, say high mass, secret works, secrets, self-gratification, self-pleasure, self-pleasuring, smoo, swing on some flivver, tackle, tail for the cock, tail stew, three-piece set, three-piece suit, tickleables, trinket, tuna fish, twin, twitchet, two-leaved book, undercarriage, undergrowth, venereal, virilia, weight training, whidgey, whim, whim-wham, widow's mites, wrinkle, zoolinction

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