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get physical:

1. To pet and caress .

2. To have sexual-intercourse with. See copulation for synonyms.

Quote: Bert Rigby (Robert Lindsay) to Meredith Perlstein (Anne Bancroft) in Bert Rigby, You're a Fool (1989): ' I find you a very, very desirable woman and if you and I were to get physical together my eyes would cross permanently and she'd [girlfirned] notice that .'

3. To engage in physical activity or physical abuse .

See Also: adolescence, algoterpsia, anatomical sex, bachelor bait, broke her ankle, colpette, constitution, corporal arts, deformity fetishism, erotophobia, get physical, get stiffed, Getting any?, physical, pulchritude, renovation, rhytiphobia, sex-linked, traumatophobia

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