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grow on:

To become increasingly more important, dear, acceptable or attractive to.


(1) Eddy Huntington Hall (Clark Gable) and Ruby Adams (Jean Harlow) in Hold Your Man (1933)
-- Eddy: ' Wait 'till you see how I grow on you .'
-- Ruby: ' Yeah, I can imagine. Just like a carbuncle .'

(2) Princess Centimillia/Maude Hackensacker (Mary Astor) flirting with Tom Jeffers (Joel McCrea) in The Palm Beach Story (1942): ' You will care for me though. I grow on people... like moss .'

(3) Agatha Floud (Lucille Ball) to the butler Humphrey Brinstead (Bob Hope) in Fancy Pants (1950):
-- Agatha: ' The first time I saw you I said to myself: 'Here's a dirty , low-down, lilly-livered coyote . Then, as I got to know you better, I figured you for a filthy, sneaking rat .'
-- Humphrey: ' I grow on people like that .'

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