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hear the call:

Or: hear the mating call , to feel the awakening tremors of sexual urgency in ones bones .
See Also: apartment girl, audiotext, aural sex, breather, brutal breasting, C-girl, C-lady, call flat, call girl, call joint, canoodlers, chickboy, clubbed foot, cuddle birds, cuddle doves, cunnotage, cupboard love, darksetting, Elvira, escort, eye-gazer, glowmance, gymnophallation, gymnophallic, Hands off your cocks, feet in your socks!, hardware shop, he-blodded, he-mannified, he-mannish, hear the call, heart team, hypersexuality, in-call, involutional depression, kishkes, love at first blush, love doves, main dish, male climacteric, mammalian position, Noli me vocare, ego te vocabo, piss call, play fiddly-fuck, pouffe, pouve, preferred stock, pudding head, queer hanky code, Satanic devices, shay, spread some good leather, steady goer, striptease to go, sweet-hot, table-ender, tactus, telephone house, telephone scatalogia, telephone scatologia, telephoner, thing-a-ling, tisket a-tasket, unfurnished apartment, waiter, wet-and-warm, word freak, work from the book

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