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1. British metaphor, since the 19 th century, for the vagina and genitalia . Heaven's opposite, hell , is also a term for the vagina . See vagina for synonyms.

2. Go to heaven , to reach orgasm . See orgasm for synonyms.

Quote: Andrew Martin (Robin Williams) about 'sexual relations' in Bicentennial Man (2000): ' They say (...) that you can lose yourself, everything, all boundaries , all time. The two bodies can become so mixed up that you don't know who's who or what's what. And just when the sweet confusion is so intense you think you're gonna die , you kinda do . Leaving you alone in your separate body, but the one you love is still there. That's the miracle. You can go to heaven and come back alive. Go back any time you want with the one you love .'

See Also: Abraham's bosom, angel, Athor, Camille, geography, Hathor, have a little death, heaven, heavens above, hell, hitchhiking to heaven, lie in a state, ouranophobia, raise hell, rapture, road, sexual relations, uranophobia

Quotes Containing heaven:
Emiliano Zapata (Marlon Brando) in Viva Zapata (1952): 'I believe that love cannot be bought except with love and that he who has a good wife wears heaven in his hat .'
Buddy (Pauly Shore) flirting with Olivia (Denise Dowse) in Bio-Dome (1995): - Buddy: ''Did it hurt?'' - Olivia: ''Did what hurt?'' - Buddy: ''When you fell down from heaven , did it hurt?''
Bethany Sloane (Linda Fiorentino) and Metatron (Alan Rickman) in Dogma (1999): - Bethany: 'Sex is a joke in heaven?' - Metatron: 'The way I understand it , it's mostly a joke down here, too.'
Colonel Slade (Al Pacino) in Scent of a Woman (1992): 'Legs. I don't care if they're Greek columns, or second-hand Steinways, but what's between them... passport to heaven .'
Don Juan (Johnny Depp) describes his love for Dona Ana (Geraldine Paililas) in Don-Juan DeMarco (1994): ''There are those who do not believe that a single soul born in heaven can split into twin spirits and shoot like falling stars to earth where over oceans and continents their magnetic forces will finally unite them back into one. But how else to explain love at first sight?''

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