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More often: hookey / hooky , (not to be confused with hokey , unsophisticated):

1. Semen. See semen for synonyms.

2. Excrement; dog doo.

See Also: chick with stick, hookey, hooky, tonsil hockey

Quotes Containing hockey:
Edwina Cutwater (Lily Tomlin) and Roger Cobb (Steve Martin) sharing the same body in All of Me (1984): - Edwina: 'What's so important about sex?' - Roger: 'That's like saying: what's so important about laughing or Duke Ellington or the World Series? It's one-of-those things that makes you feel like you're really living, like you're glad to be alive.' - Edwina: 'I am already glad to be alive. I don't need to play-tonsil-hockey with some English tart to feel good.'

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