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hood bondage:

A specialized form of bondage applied to the head to depersonalize a submissive thus giving the top more power and giving both participants fewer inhibitions; a (bondage) hood has the added advantage of forcing a bottom to focus all of their attention on their body.
See Also: a.p.b., a.s.b., abduction (play), all penis bondage, ankle restraint, B, B & D dyke, bondage, bondage and dominance, bondage and domination, bondage and torture, bondage bra, bondage harness, bondage queen, bondage table, bondagepics, bonds of humiliation, breast bondage, breast torture, bundler, buntline hitch, burgundy handkerchief, C & B bondage, cable tie, capote allemande, capote anglaise, captive, captivity, captor and captive, CBB, chador, constrictions, crotch rope, dominate, hood, hood bondage, hoodrat, inverted suspension, leg restraint, sexual bondage, string bondage, tethering, three-legged bloomers, tit bondage, tit discipline, tit torture, titty bondage, titty discipline, titty torture, Victorian lace, vincilagnia, web

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