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intergenerational relationship:
A relationship between two lovers separated by one generation.
SEE ALSO: baby-porker ; baby snatcher; cradle-robber ; cradle-snatcher ; daddy-type ; December-May-romance ; rob-the-cradle .

See Also: adulterous affair, androgynous fucking, another way to love, bag off, BF, Boston marriage, bust up, catch on the rebound, closed relationship, cohabitarche, commit to someone, country marriage, December-May romance, deficiency love, devitalized relationship, domestic partner, exclusive relationship, extramarital affair, grease the wheel, illicit affair, illicit liaison, illicit relationship, illicit romance, in-sisters, just good friends, mason, master-slave, open marriage, rob the cradle, sexual liaison, slave, slavemaster, slaver, take up with someone, trial marriage, walkout, wear boxer shorts, whiff of lavender,

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