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kiss ass:

1. To act submissively or obsequiously towards people of influence or power in order to gain position or favor .

2. Derogatory name for a servile self-seeker who hopes to gain favor and approval by praising, flattering and fawning over rich, powerful, or influential people. See sycophant for synonyms.


(1) Will Randall (Jack Nicholson) to Stuart (James Spader) in Wolf (1997):
-- Will:' You are such a polished ass-kisser it takes my breath away .'
-- Stuart: ' I kiss 'em like I see 'em .'

(2) Marty (Peter MacNicol) and Newton Davis (Steve Martin) as the boss walks by in Housesitter (1992): ' If I could find the right doctor I would have my lips permanently sown to his ass .'

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