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lady wife:

A wife . Dated; a redundant expression. See wife for synonyms.
See Also: adelphogamy, adelphogomous, attitudes, awful-wedded wife, bachelor's wife, ball and chain, bean-jacks, beat it while the beating is good, beat one's time, belle boy, best piece, bi-wife, bit of tripe, bitch's blind, bitches' blinds, bitter half, blushing bride, boomer, bother and strife, bread, buttock and tongue, buttock-clingers, Carvel's ring, carving knife, cataphilist, cheese and kisses, Chief Boot Knocka, chief cook and bottle washer, chief of staff, china, china plate, claim jumper, cockish wench, comfortable importance, consort, cooler, copula carnalis, couple freak, cow and kisses, cows and kisses, crooked rib, cuckquean, dead weight, December-May, demoiselle, deuterogamy, digamy, dough-beater, drum and fife, Duchess of Fife, erotocrat, feme, feminine heart pumper, fish supper, fishwife, foot warmer, fork and knife, front office, gagger, God's gift to women, golf widow, gray mare, half-widow, Hans Carvel's ring, hausfrau, head cook and bottle washer, heart breaker-upper, heart-crusher, heart-smasher, help-spend, helpmate, hen-pecker, henpecked, her indoors, high-voltage sheik, home cooking, homework, honey-do, hot flame, hot-water bag, hotcha, housefrow, jack-gagger, jam-tart, John Tom, joy of my life, kicksy-wicksy, king of clubs, knave of hearts, ladies' cherce, ladies' choice, lady wife, lady-killer, ladybug, lawful blanket, lawful jam, lawful wife, left-handed wife, legal mate, little woman, the, loud-speaker, lounge beetle, lounge lizard, love pirate, love thief, main, main bitch, main lady, main piece, man of affairs, married woman, mate-swapping, misses, missis, missus, mistress, Mrs. Right, Ms. Right, nag, old bubble, old Dutch, old lady, old noose, old woman, other half, panty raid, parlor lizard, people-in-law, plates and dishes, playboy, poker breaker, popular with the ladies, powder-room, proper Casanova, a, public enemy, queener, riding in another mans saddle, sergeant major, share bed and board, Sheik, significant other, sister-in-law, slave driver, smooth operator, Solomon, spark, sparker, spouse, spouse and strife, squaw, squaw man, squawking half, street girl, street walker, street whore, street worker, streetwalker, streetwalking, struggle and strife, studhammer, sugar-cookie, Sunday widow, supper-jet, tea-hound, thriller, triborgasmia, trouble and strife, twat-faithful, uxoravalence, uxoricide, uxoriosis, walk the streets, war and strife, War Department, wearer of the breeches, wearer of the pants, wet deck(s), whipped, whither-go-ye, wife, wife in watercolors, wife-in-law, wife-swapper, wifey, woman of the house, woman's home companion, worry and strife, X.Y.L., xantippe, XYL, young blade, young buck

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