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1. Of, relating to, characteristic of, or appropriate to women. In The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage (1991) Rosalie Maggio objects to the use of this word on the grounds that: ' The word "lady " is generally unacceptable, and "ladylike" conveys different meanings according to people's perceptions of what a woman ought or ought no to do , say, think, wear , feel, look like. These subjective cultural judgments have nothing to do with sex and everything to do with gender .' She recommends instead the following adjectives which are equally appropriately of a man : courteous, well-mannered, civil, polite, tender, cooperative, neat, soft-spoken, gentle, aristocratic, cultured , elegant, proper, correct, gracious, considerate, refined, weel-bred, kind, well-spoken.

2. Of a man , effeminate .

See Also: ladylike

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