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1. A man , usually thought of as middle aged or elderly , given to excessive sexual indulgence, particular when given over to seduction or attempted seduction of women or young girls; a lecherous , lascivious or licentious man . See philanderer for synonyms.

2. To engage in lechery .

See Also: a.k., ablutolagnia, ablutomania, ablutophilia, ablutoskepsis, acanthophallic, acokoinonia, aculeophallic, adelphepothia, adelphirexia, adelphithymia, agnuopia, agomphathymia, agrexophrenia, agynophelymity, albedosynia, allantotrioism, allovalent, alter kocker, ambibiosis, amomaxia, anesodia, aphallatosis, bag-piper, ballocker, basculocolpia, basculophilia, basiter, basitrix, basorexia, basorgasmus, beard-splitter, bed-presser, belly-bumper, bene mort, bowsprit, broken balls, bubbies and cunt, bubby circus, bum-brusher, bust-maker, cacavalence, cacocallia, calliandrus, callicnemic, callicolpia, callicolpos, callicunnate, callifemoral, callimammapygian, callimastian, callinymph, calliphallic, calliphallus, callipomate, callipygette, callisphyrous, callisural, callitrichous, chasma, cheilocunnidipity, cheilogusia, Chimaropia, chippy-chaser, chunk of meat, chymocunnia, cingulomania, clinovalent, cnemoscopy, coitobalnism, coitophthoria, colobosis, colpkinophilia, colpoheterophrenia, colpopetia, coxinutant, cully-shangy, cunniknismos, cunnilalia, dacnolagnomania, dacrylagnia, decencies, defemination, delinolagnia, dermacentric, derrieroscopia, diapnolagnia, discovert, dishabilloerigesis, dog, double event, entoma, feel one's oats, femme follower, figure-maker, flaccilation, flesh-monger, flogging cully, flower fancier, frottering bastard, genital pound of flesh, heterovalent, hip-swishy, hygrophilematous, hypoactive sexual desire, ingressability, isomulcia, ithy, jab, Jack of all trades, lech, letch, macrogenitalism, madefaction, pachyhymenia, pinch-bottom, pinch-buttock, pinch-cunt, rake, switchel, tababido, thelyflorescence, thigmosis, tweak, uxoravalence, uxoravalent, warm member, young blade, young buck

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