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lesbian love:

Or: lesbian-sex , the mutual friction of the sex-organs between two women.

SYNONYMS: bumper to bumper ; clam-jousting ; clit-fight ; doughnut-to-doughnut ; flat-fuck ; sapphism ; tribadism ; tribady ; tribology ; vagina-to-vagina ; venus observa feminae.

See Also: 59ing, ache for, affaire d'amour, agape, agapism, all shaky-shivery, Amantium irae, amoris integratio est, amatory, amatory pleasures, amor lesbicus, amor sui, Amor vincit omnia, amorous, amour fou, amour socratique, amy-john, androdyke, androgynous dyke, attachment, baby butch, bambi, batty about, be crazy about, be cuckoo over, be gone on, be goofy about, be hot for, be infatuated with, be swept off one's feet, beach dyke, bean flicker, bean flickologist, BF, billy-doo, black triangle, BLG, blind love, blood spitter, bluff, Bohemian love, bowler, boy-dyke, brother girl, brotherly love, buildiking, bull-dicking, bumper-to-bumper, bun woman, butch as Kong, butch bottom, butch cut, butch femme, butch mafia, butch-fluff, butcher boy, butchy, C.S., calf love, caritas, carnivorous canary, carry a torch, carry the torch, carrying a torch, cat-lapper, catlapper, cause of causes, chapstick lesbian, clam jousting, clam smacker, clit club, clit fight, clit hopper, clit lit, clitters, con amore, Connie, contrectophilia, cracked on, Cupid dances on his/her eyelids, Cupids cramp, dandysette, Daughters of Bilitis, de-diking, dead nuts on, demo dyke, dicky broad, dikey, diking, DIT, diver, dizzy over, dizzy-lizzy, DOB, doughnut grinder, doughnut to doughnut, Dutch girl, eternal wound, the, fairy lady, fall in a big way, fall in love (with), far gone on, far goner, feel that way, femme, fine chick, finger artist, flannel-shirt dyke, flat fuck, fling, flip over for, gaybee boom, girl kisser, girl lover, give up the work, GLB, go overboard, god of love, gone case, goo-goo eyes, gooey over, goofy, grande passion, gynaeocotrope, have affection for, have one's heart doing back flips, have one's heart doing flip-flips, have that funny feeling, have the miseries, have the tremors, heart-stricken, hermaphrodite dyke, hermaphrodyke, ILGA, in deep, in love, in the throes of (love), jakey, Janey, jasper, Jody, joy buzzer, king, kissing fish, lady lover, lawnmower, LBGT, leather dyke, les, les girls, les-be-friends, lesb, lesbian, lesbian sex, lesbie, lesbo, lesbonia, lesbophobia, lesbos, lesboville, lesbyterian, Leslie (-Anne), lesser, lessie, lez, lezbo, lezo, lezzer, lipstick lesbian, lizzie, lizzy, lose one's heart, love, love drink, love's fruits, love-god, loveless, lover under the lap, lovesick, LUG, madivinaise, mal d'amour, malfior, mantee walk, mason, miseries, the, missionary work, moon-eyed, moonstruck, moony about, moony for, moony over, new woman, the, one of the boys, pansy without a stem, perpetual emotion, philophobia, philter, pinky, Platonic love, poloni-homi, pussy queer, root dyke, roses and raptures, same sex love, sapphism, sapphist(s), sapphistry, sapphomasochism, sapphosadism, set one's cap for, sexlove, Si vis amari, ama, silly about, SM dyke, smoking the fur, snap-on (tool), softening of the hearters, swept off one's feet, T.L.C., taken with, tender chick, tenth word in a telegram, thanatophilia, that certain gleam in one's eyes, three wheeled trike, three wheeler, tit king, TOD, torch carrier, transdike, transdyke, TransLesBiGay, triangle, tribadism, tuppence licker, twilight girls, twirl, U-haul, upside-down cake, urninde, vagetarian, valley of tears, van dyke, Venus observa feminae, village sing, voomish, wacky about, wear boxer shorts, winnie, woman in comfortable shoes, woman lover, yodel in the canyon (of love), yodel up in the canyon (of love), yodeling in the canyon (of love), zoophilist

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