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lingual stimulation:

Or: lingual-titillation , euphemism for cunnilingus . See cunnilingus for synonyms.
See Also: analipsation, auto-genital stimulation, beef-tugging, buonballs, clitorilingus, clitus lickus, dildoism, eat seafood, erotogenic zones, fancy lip-service, frenulum of the tongue, gargle it, he-blow, hose job, inhibited sexual excitement, ISE, knobble, licking the beaver, lingual stimulation, lingual titillation, moustache ride, mouth job, muff barking, muff diving, mumbling in the moss, penis mouthus, say high mass, sewer-chewing, stink-anger, swallow the pipe, swing on some flivver, telophilia, theletage

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