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little drinks:

A metaphor for small female breasts. See breasts for synonyms and euphemisms.
See Also: arseholed, baby in the boat, bald man in a boat, banjoed, beefsteak, hold the onions, beverada, bladdered, blind pig, blind tiger, blitzed, blootered, blotto, Brahms and Liszt, bust some suds, carouse, cocktail, conk, demands of nature, dipsophobia, drinking at the fuzzy cup, drinking from the furry cup, expectant, expecting, expecting a happy event, fegelah, feygelah, give it away, golden shower, jug fuck, little boy in the boat, little deduction, Little Dick, Little Dickie, little dividend, little friend, little man in the boat, little sister, man in the (row)boat, rat-arsed, shit-faced, shmendrik, tee'd (to the tits), temuvalent, thirsty, TLC, tooled, wankered, zonked

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