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little man:

Pet name for the penis . See penis for synonyms.

QUOTE: Billy Crystal to in bed with his wife in City Slickers II (1994): ' Look! The little man wants to go to the parade .'

See Also: baby in the boat, bald man in a boat, ball gown, beaver trap, beefsteak, hold the onions, big brother, big head, bow window, boy in the boat, brother starling, claim jumper, Corsican, drag queen, expectant, expecting, expecting a happy event, fegelah, feygelah, get a little, gifted, give it away, grinder, hootchy-kootchy, hypersexuality, lady-love, little boy in the boat, little deduction, Little Dick, Little Dickie, little dividend, little friend, little head, little man, little man in the boat, little sister, little woman, the, Make hay while the sun shines, make whoopee, making whoopee, man, man in the (row)boat, masturbation-female, men's lib, mount, piggies, riding in another mans saddle, shmendrik, tightie whities, titty bug, TLC, vive la différence

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